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Road to Malta - Mission 1 Lifestyle Package: The results!


RankingHero and Betsson Group offer you an exclusive €2,500 VIP package to Battle of Malta.


For this mission, you had to spend points to make your own fun trip there.

And the winners are...

The Top 3 in likes:

1st: @Skilful      €40 in online tickets + €5 for the Supersat on 20 September!

2nd: @William Calder    €30 in online tickets!

3rd: @Santo Abate        €15 in online tickets!



And 2 random draws:

@DecoGTX          €5 ticket

@Sean Connor     €5 ticket


Congratulations to you all and godspeed on the way to Malta!



  And remember:

   The 1st SuperSat on the Road to Malta is on Sunday at 8:15pm UK time!

  It’s a €2 tournament with €100 added and a €50 ticket to the Supersat!


   Don’t miss it!



For more info about the Road to Malta campaign, click here.



#RoadtoMalta #LifeStylePackage 


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Congrats to all winners! This only makes it so much easier to get to the tournamets and win some real cash later! 


#RoadtoMalta #LifeStylePackage 

I can take only 1 friend and i dont want to make any of them jealous so i wont take anyone with me ( not that i am selfish or something like that )

First of all i would enjoy a massage.

Second,diving-because fish is my bread 

Swiming makes me hungry so dinner folowed by strip club .

Ohhh and 3x Wine tasting tours  because why not?

#RoadtoMalta #LifeStylePackage 

Of course I will use all 100 points and and take a friend.

Thats it, clear decission, end of story, good night.



I ditch a friend at the airport, I take my 100 points back and hurray to Malta.



Then its Malta Classic Car Collection Museum.


Wine tasting tour.

Night with live music.


Strip club.

Lucky 4 hands Thaï massage.


And back home from Malta. It was good weekend.

And I almost, oh wait, wtf, I forgot I came to play poker and missed the registration. Noooooooooo!




hahah very funny, great post

hahah GL !!!

I use my 100 points to bring a friend with me, someone who definitely deserve it for his generosity. @Jonny2192  




 #RoadtoMalta #LifeStylePackage 

Good luck to you @Ajax 

#RoadtoMalta #LifeStylePackage 

Pretty simple this one,.. i couldn't spend the points on myself as that would be selfish,.. i would have to take my girl with me as we've not been away together on holiday yet so.........

i wont win this comp lol but #aspers will eventually pay for a holiday for us both :)

Happy days and good luck to all that enter :) :)


I will be a bit selfish and I will use all my points for my own pleasure... hahah, nooooo!!!
Sure will bring my friends with me!!!
#RoadtoMalta #LifeStylePackage 

Hope that friend is @Alessio Bianchi  He said he would take you. 

Will keep it as a secret

spend it sports


I use my points to bring one RKH member with me

Please vote for me

#RoadtoMalta  #LifeStylePackage

so, who is your choice @Bruce MPSQ ?

Don't make a mistake, the small  is irritated :)

I would like to bring my girl and propose her marrage there.

#lifestylepackage #RoadtoMalta 

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Is she a RankingHero member? #oops 

#LifeStylePackage #RoadtoMalta 
I use my points to bring my little kid with me. Thats my dream !

Finally here, nice to feel that fresh air on your face and the sun beating down on your back. Time for some relaxing that was a long flight!

I walk out of the airport and make my way into a taxi. I ask him how many points to take me to the hotel lounge and he says, "that's fine - no points..." Nice guy!

I get out of the taxi and think briefly about tipping him, but then remember I only have 100 points to my name. Hmm. "Thanks" I say. He just smiles and says "have a nice day!". Wow if only everyone was like this.

I make my way into the hotel and am told I'm just in time for dinner. Thank God! I'm starving.

I head in and order. Moments later I am eating the most delicious burger I have ever tasted. But wow does it take some work to get through.

 They didn't call it the IVEY big stack for nothing.

                                                                                                    15 points spent.

                                                                                                     85 points remaining.

 I try to order some wine to wash it down but then realise I couldn't even pronounce the name of the wine. I look for something on the menu a little easier to pronounce… I settle on "water".

"That's on the house, sir" the waiter says. First the taxi and now the water… If Carlsberg made holidays… they would surely be like this.

I stroll out of the dining area after I finish my water and notice some flyers on the counter. "Groggy Sue's Wine Tasting Tours" - hmm just what I needed I grab the flyer and ring the number on the way to my room. "Sure we have a tour starting tomorrow afternoon… the price? … it's 10 points" - not bad, not bad. I book it.

I sleep like a baby (crying for half the night... I guess I miss home), and am up bright and early the next morning for the meeting I have with my coach. He's not cheap. 35 points, but I think it'll more than pay for itself when I take this tournament down! ;)

Jared reminds me not to go too heavy on the wine 'tasting' tour, and remember I can always ask for the 'house wine' next time if I still can't pronounce a single bottle on the menu. Nice…

                                                                                                           35 points spent.

                                                                                                           50 remaining.

The wine tasting tour isn't exactly what I had planned. Groggy Sue is surprisingly sober and I figure out why to my shock as we start the first tasting session. These guys don't even drink the wine, they spit it out! Talk about a complete waste of time. I ask for a refund, and am given the most terrible look before I just about manage to turn it into a joke... "haha", we laugh… and carry on with the 'tasting'.

                                                                                                          10 points spent.

                                                                                                         40 remaining.

I start to think about how I am going to spend the rest of my points as I get back into the hotel lobby, when something amazing happens. I am looking down at the marble floor admiring the shine bouncing up from it, when I notice a wallet on the floor. I pick it up, open it and find some ID and a thick wad of points...2260 Points to be exact! I do the decent thing and hand the wallet in to the hotel staff, mildly congratulate myself for being such a decent human being and go back to my room to chill for a bit.

2 hours later the phone in my room rings, it's the lobby. I'm told the person who's wallet I found has called back and wants to speak to me. I answer and he says he didn’t realise he had lost his wallet until he got home… to Australia!

I mention the staff will likely forward it on to him, but he says: -

 "Oh no, old pal! It's hardly worth the effort… those points are only good in Malta anyway. I got a good deal on them. You keep 'em I've already told the hotel staff. Thanks for your honesty!"

 Wow.. I didn't know what to say. "Thanks, that's really kind of you" I muster.

 "No sweat, it's my pleasure!" his friendly voice booms back.

 10 minutes later I collect my points from the lobby and now have 2300 points…

I decide to spend my new found wealth on some old friends from Ranking Hero.
I call...

@Emty , @William Calder , @Mark Duguid , @Jonny2192@John Thomson , @Pic0l0@Advoghado , @Eva Dimitrova ,@Renaud Desferet@Arty Mcfly ,  @pazo  @Ina Rkh , @Elena RKH, @Rémi Rkh , @Annie RKH , @DecoGTX@Archywraith , @Alessio Bianchi ,@B165L1Ck75@Pedro Canali , @Rémi NIGHTMARE8 , @Adrien Bacchi  and @Nicolas Levi 

and figure out it will cost me 2300 points to bring them all over. Exactly the amount I have left, what a happy coincidence!

It turns out everyone is available! BOM won't know what hit it!

#RoadtoMalta #LifeStylePackage 

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Thanks guys (and girls)