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Latest hot topics

PokerStars Photo Shoot Escalates into Shoot-Out

Annie RKH
16 May 2016
Like (6) RKH (2)
To play or not to play on PokerStars - that seems to be the (ex) SuperNova Elite question these days. High-stakes pros were hard-hit by the dissolution of the program on PokerStars and by the new rake policy, and public boycotts were organized to... Read more

The RankingHero Cash Game Festival Line-Up: May the Best Killer Move Win!

London Cash Game Festival 2016
28 Mar 2016
Like (13) RKH (7)
We are happy to announce the RankingHero cash game specialists who rose to the challenge and have earned the chance to test their killer moves against our two pros @Lucille Cailly and @Pedro Canali!   Congrats and may the best killer move... Read more

Can you answer these 6 questions about 6 Plus Hold'em?

Annie RKH
23 Mar 2016
Like (10) RKH (0)
It has come to us from Macau and last year was promoted by none other than Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan! In February 2016 Six Plus Hold'em became available online in poker rooms on the iPoker network and will of course be spread during the Cash Game... Read more

The RankingHero Interview: Cash Game Festival Co-founder Martin 'Franke' von Zweigbergk

London Cash Game Festival 2016
18 Mar 2016
Like (11) RKH (1)
Co-founder of Poker Icons and of the Cash Game Festival Martin ‘Franke’ von Zweigbergk is also a tournament player whose results page on RankingHero features 50 cashes in live tournaments since 2008. Find out more about his poker beginnings and... Read more

The RankingHero Interview: Poker Pros Lucille Cailly and Pedro Canali

London Cash Game Festival 2016
15 Mar 2016
Like (15) RKH (2)
#CashGF In preparation for the exciting Cash Game Festival at Aspers London (Mar 30-Apr 3), we are pleased to bring you an interview with RankingHero ambassadors @Lucille Cailly and @Pedro Canali! Study their answers carefully if you are playing... Read more

New Fun Poker Mission Kicks off on RankingHero!

Annie RKH
11 Mar 2016
Like (7) RKH (0)
The most exciting event on the London cash game scene is just weeks away and now RankingHero offers you a chance to play for free at the Cash Game Festival TV table against our own ambassadors @Pedro Canali and @Lucille Cailly! What you need to... Read more

Cash Game Festival Mission: Name Your Move & Win £100!

London Cash Game Festival 2016
10 Mar 2016
Like (32) RKH (3)
Cash game specialists wanted for the CGF feature table at @Aspers Casino - Westfield Stratford City. Here's how you can win a free stack of chips!   Hey, we get it - you probably don’t want to reveal your secret, super powerful killer move! So... Read more

Get ready for the greatest poker game ever - Sviten Special is coming to London with the Cash Game Festival!

London Cash Game Festival 2016
9 Mar 2016
Like (8) RKH (0)
“Insane action”, “terrifically badass”, “best game ever invented” - this is just a sample of the accolades for the poker variant known as Sviten Special. Anyone who’s ever tried the exciting Swedish poker invention seems to be... Read more

Poker players 'spoiled for choice' in Cash Game Festival at Aspers London

London Cash Game Festival 2016
29 Feb 2016
Like (15) RKH (0)
Martin "Franke" von Zweigbergk talks to PokerNews about the Cash Game Festival and its next edition at @Aspers Casino - Westfield Stratford City. March 30-April 3: "A great opportunity for the whole UK-based cash-game poker scene to come to London... Read more

Who Are the Arch Villains of Poker and Is Absolution Possible?

Annie RKH
18 Feb 2016
Like (12) RKH (1)
As evidenced by a recent (yet another!) thread on 2+2, which was instantly propelled near the top of the most popular News&Gossip forum, we never tire of the topic and love to hate our villains.  Years after Black Friday, anger and resentment seem... Read more

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