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Everybody Loves Bruno: Europe’s Candidate for Poker Hall of Fame

We learn from them, we grow as players with them, and time and again, their passion for the game refuels our own.  As fans, the only way we can give back to our favorite poker influencers is by showing them our appreciation and respect. And the ultimate recognition is induction into poker’s most revered institution: the Poker Hall of Fame.

Hailed as a pioneer of French poker, @Bruno Fitoussi is one of those influencers to whom the international poker community is greatly indebted. 'The King' is a living legend in France where he is honored as one of the 'founding fathers of poker' in the country and has been a role model and inspiration for players of all generations. But he is also among the first - and rare - Europeans to build a reputation for himself and gain the respect and admiration of American players, as well.


Everybody loves Bruno


Says @Daniel Negreanu, "he qualifies on all the criteria, but mostly it's his contribution as a pioneer in spreading the game globally and getting Americans to make the trip over to Paris before the inception of The World Poker Tour. He was instrumental in poker becoming more of a global game." (Poker Hall of Fame, 9 Sep 2014)

Just before his own induction in 2014, Daniel Negreanu urged for 'de-Americanization' of the Poker Hall of Fame and named Bruno Fitoussi as the worthy European HOF candidate:

WSOP: If you could change just one thing about the Poker Hall of Fame, what would it be?

Negreanu: Well, it’s way too American-centric. The Hall of Fame should reflect the growth of the game and the influence of other players, like overseas. So many people have done so much.

WSOP: So give us a name or two of people from overseas who you think deserve to be in the Poker Hall of Fame?

Negreanu: Easy. Bruno Fitoussi is the first. He’s done so much in France and all over Europe for poker. Everyone loves Bruno and respects him. He was one of the first people to bring Americans over to Paris to see the poker scene there.


In 2014 RankingHero was among the initiators of a campaign to nominate Bruno Fitoussi to Poker Hall of Fame and the fact that he has been shortlisted for induction for two consecutive years only comes to confirm the enormous respect he commands in the world of poker.

Asked what he loves most about poker, Bruno once said:

"The players themselves. They are incredible people; probably some of the most interesting people on this earth."

Now HoF Nominations are open to the public and players can give back some of this love.

Vote for Bruno Fitoussi HERE!


2016 Poker Hall of Fame Nomnations | Official World Series of Poker Online 2016 Poker Hall of Fame Nominations now accepted online. Fans can nominate respected high stakes poker players & selected non-players via our online form.www.wsop.com



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