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Why advertise on RankingHero.com?

We believe our role is to deliver the right message to the right person. Advertising is part of the overall message that we are delivering through RankingHero.com.

What, who and how we advertise matters!

By associating your brand with RankingHero.com, you have the assurance that your products and services will be shown in the right way, to the right audience.
You will be able to reach a wide international audience with a strong interest in poker, gambling and entertainment.

Advertising ethics & goals:

Our aim is to offer users advertising that adds value to their experience on RankingHero.com.

Our role is to guarantee users the best quality of the products advertised, and how they are advertised.

We know our audience is smart and educated, so it’s not by making banners flashier or messages catchier that you will attract their attention. You can’t force them to take notice of you, nor to buy what you sell. The wrong communication might even backfire at you.

On the other hand, the right communication would ensure deeper reach, and your message might be amplified and spread with the power only social media can provide.

What we guarantee to our users:

  • we strive to tailor adverts that will inform you, not annoy you
  • we fight against any type of spamming
  • companies advertised are all trustworthy and honest
  • products advertised are legal in your country

What we guarantee to advertisers:
  • geo targeted tools
  • advanced segmentation possibilities
  • custom tools and applications available on demand
  • quick, available and efficient customer service
  • just ask, and you’ll receive advice from our experts, who all have more than 5 years' experience in the web advertising industry

Advertising Placement:

RKH Custom formats:

In our quest for quality advertising, we have created a readable and non-intrusive format mixing text and images.
Being unique, this format will attract attention because it has not been seen anywhere else.
Being non-intrusive, it will attract quality traffic to your promotions.

Classic banner formats:
  • 250x250, 468x60, 120x600
  • gif, png, jpg, flash

Optimized for mobile devices:

Responsive design that adapts advertising zones to the device.

Weekly newsletter:

We can place your advertisement in our weekly newsletter. We could as well dedicate one of our newsletter to your campaign, if the theme is compatible with the expectations of our members.

Event Sponsoring

RankingHero.com seeks to organize IRL events with the poker community. By becoming our partner in these events you would get a chance to positively promote your brand and gain more visibility.

Looking for innovative advertising solutions? Amazing ideas everyone labels as “crazy” or “impossible”?

Crazy and impossible are not part of our vocabulary.
Challenge us! Contact us and let’s talk about making your ideas happen!

Advertising Rates and Fees

PPC, PPA, PPI, various mixes… we’re open to discuss any type of advertising model and are flexible on solutions.

Needless to say, special discounts can be made for special partnerships, all depends on the duration and type of advertising. Let’s talk, contact us!

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