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Annie RKH
  Online poker players are in for a treat in October as the @Cash Game Festival is teaming up...
Ansley Taylor
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Ansley Taylor
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Vietnam agenbola9
Nov 2017
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Gerald DeNorscio
United States Gerald DeNorscio
Jan 2015
Poker dealer for special events company.
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Pedro Canali took the 5th place in the £200 No Limit Hold'em partypoker WPTN event and won £6,300!
Lucille Cailly took the 3rd place in the £100 No Limit Hold'em Charity Re-buy event and won £1,000!
Antotrust took the 9e place in the #4 NLHE - 20 max L4T1 event and won 5 Points!
Adrien Bacchi took the 18th place in the 26th of septembre rebuy event and won 1 Points!
Fabrice Soulier took the 7th place in the Event 6: 3250€ NLHE event and won 26,520€!
Daniel Negreanu took the 3rd place in the $100000 NLHE event and won $640,103!
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