London Cash Game Festival 2016
London Cash Game Festival 2016
London Cash Game Festival 2016
Cash Game Festival
Wednesday 30 March 2016 - Sunday 3 April 2016
Aspers Casino - Westfield Stratford City
312 The Loft, Montfichet Road Olympic Park, E20 1ET
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London Cash Game Festival 2016
London Cash Game Festival 2016
Cash Game Festival
Wednesday 30 March 2016 - Sunday 3 April 2016
Finished Tournaments
Tournament Result

Wednesday 30 March 2016 - 21:30
Buy-in: $7,233 (£5,000)

Thursday 31 March 2016 - 21:30
Buy-in: $1,447 (£1,000)

Friday 1 April 2016 - 21:30
Buy-in: $1,447 (£1,000)

Saturday 2 April 2016 - 21:30
Buy-in: $1,447 (£1,000)

Sunday 3 April 2016 - 21:30
Buy-in: $1,447 (£1,000)


Looking forward to the Cash Game.

Thank you for enroling me to win an entry.

Msny Thanks,


#CGFestTV cool atmosphere in aspers, RKH should make it a regular thing. 

Loveing the #CGFestTV! Finally get to see what the regs play at my local joint.

Welcome new member! Win your £100 for the TV table at the Cash Game Festival!


You want a chance to win £100 to play against our ambassadors at the feature table of the Cash Game Festival on Sunday 3 April?


It’s sooooo simple that you can do it with your eyes closed. Almost…




    1. To publish a post on RKH

Write whatever you want in the “Write your message” field at the top of the homepage.

To add an hashtag, just click on the hashtag icon in the toolbar. Then enter “CGFestTV”. It will be proposed in a list when you begin to type it.


And for mobiles:



    2. Just have a little patience and wait for the random draw .



    3. To check your private messages

Cilck on the little envelope icon on the top right of your screen.

For mobiles:



The result of the random draw will be announced on Sunday 3 April, at noon. So keep an eye on RKH!



And good luck!




good places for spend time!

The RankingHero Cash Game Festival Line-Up: May the Best Killer Move Win!

We are happy to announce the RankingHero cash game specialists who rose to the challenge and have earned the chance to test their killer moves against our two pros @Lucille Cailly and @Pedro Canali!  

Congrats and may the best killer move win!

@Mark Duguid Fight Club ("..because you do not talk about the fight club" ;)

@Kjell Lindqvist Flying Under the Radar

@Hugues Lavieu Arkanair

@George Williams The seven deuce shove

@Gladys M Oooops! French fish did it again!

You win £100 in chips each and a seat at the £1/£2 NL Hold'em TV table on April 3, 6pm, at Aspers Stratford. You will be free to reload and top-up at any time and can leave the game after two hours of play!

Pedro will be there to welcome you personally on Sunday and to present you with our magic patch and a RankingHero deck of cards!

We may have a surprise last-minute qualifier who will take the eighth seat at the table so make sure you follow this page for updates :)


Many thanks to everyone who entered the #CashGF Killer Move Mission and even if you can't play you can still follow the action on https://www.twitch.tv/cashgamefestival 

Tune in on March 30th at 7pm!

CashgamefestivalPoker Cash Game Festival London 25£/50£www.twitch.tv

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Congrats all !!!

The Twitch stream is saying that the game will be £1/£1 is that correct?