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LivingItLovingIt Launch European Poker Room This Summer at Treasure Island Casino, Las Vegas

LivingItLovingIt UK Ltd have partnered up with European poker heavyweights, @Bruno Fitoussi and @Robert Yong, to create a home for European poker players in Las Vegas this summer. The 7 table poker room will run 24 hour cash games for a variety of games but specialising in favourite games that are harder to find in Vegas poker rooms such as 5 card PLO, Mixed Games and Chinese.



There will also be an exclusive 4 table VIP area in the high roller pit for big games and LiLi are offering an FX service to provide players booking through the website www.bookvegas2016.com the best available rates. All of the best European poker has to be complimented with the best European Soccer so there will be a dedicated VIP reserved area for all cash game customers in the Breeze Bar at TI which will show every live game of this year’s European Football Championships.


Neil Barrett, Managing Director of LivingItLovingIt explains the rationale of the concept. 'A few years ago we were in Vegas and struggled to find venues to watch the England games at the World Cup and did not want to miss out on the Euros this Summer. The Vegas poker rooms are so much bigger and NLH focused than European venues, we felt there was a gap in the market for a more personal experience to play the games Europeans love to play. TI really lends itself to deliver a warm, friendly atmosphere and the combination of football and poker just came together naturally in this idea.'


Aside from the expertise of Bruno and Rob, LivingItLovingIt have partnered with organisers and industry members from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany and a number of online sites to make TI the hotbed of European poker this Summer. TI have hired a number of experienced high stakes floor managers and dealers in addition to their existing staff to deliver the ultimate player experience.


Drinks inside the poker room are free and food credits are earned based on level and time of play alongside a number of free drinks promotions around the football for cash game guests. All of the information on the project can be found at www.bookvegas2016.com    which has fantastic hotel deals at Treasure Island and the Palazzo available through LivingItLovingIt who have been bringing players successfully to Vegas for the last 9 years.


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