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Bruno Fitoussi in the Poker Hall of Fame Shortlist for 3rd Consecutive Year!


He did it again! RankingHero’s godfather @Bruno Fitoussi is once more among the 10 finalists for induction into the poker Hall of Fame!




This year again, the competition is tough since the other 9 candidates are:

@Chris Bjorin, @Humberto Brenes@Todd Brunson, @Eli Elezra, @Chris Moneymaker, @Carlos Mortensen@Max Pescatori@Matt Savage, and the late @David 'devilfish' Ulliott.


Thanks to all our community members who supported Bruno’s nomination!


Now, a jury composed of the 25 living members of HoF and 20 poker media personalities will choose one or two persons to join the legends of poker. They will announce their decision during the November Nine.


And this time, we’re sure it’s going to be the right one!

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