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Alessio Bianchi

is an up-and-coming poker amateur and strong contributor

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No Limit Hol'dem - Mini IPT
May 19, 2012
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Casinó Campione d'Italia
Sep 5, 2014



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Alessio Bianchi
28 gennaio 2015 ·

Thanks very much Rankinghero for the package,my first poker patch, from 28 january 2015 always with me, anyway if am in badrun costantly i belive will change, ty guys, love u.

hello heroes

life is going on always at 0 bankroll ( life n gaming) ^^

anyway in this month i have meet many people and young pros in casino di campione and finally i found a " sponsor " which wanna stack up me at 50% cost to attack all the GTD tourney in campione, eventually will win some money we chop it fifty-fifty.

that's will be a good chance to me to easier access to buyin and play the tourney.

actually i miss my 50% amount anyway am lookin how to do it.

is 1 year and 6 month i live with gambling, and i hope to grab a little amount of money into slot machine, as sometime happens, to reinvest it into poker MTT.

that's the plan.

it worked into june-july i had 1k bankroll and i played some games with not so much luck, hope next time i can try it will go better.

hard time the ZeroRoll... hope it can passing out from life soon ^^

be lucky heroes !!!!

Hello Heroes

am ok and always poor...

i write U to inform about a new Italian Record into the Live Tournaments.

am talking about IPO22 1Million GTD  is runnin day3 now into casino di campione, up to milan.

we did 3.310 entryes with 3 day1 choice and 1 re-etry at day for a totalt amount of 1.600.000 euros prizepool.

Ipo is a 500+50 euro buyin format.

i tryout the 40 bucks MiniSat but nothing good i had not ualified to it.

anyway am happy about the new national record is made in my " homebased " Casinò.

thanks Casino di Campione to organize so nice events.

we all welcome there

keep on dream heroes !!!!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your next write ups thank you once again.
Poker Rules , Poker Article

thanks am not playin so much in this period am really out of money , anyway when i will have some news i will post , i love my heroes my rankin hero patch is always with me into my pocket ^^

and the river said No. busted top pair vs flush draw. easy rivered.

tomorrow maybe 2nd chance. if i found the money. LoL

Poor as always.


cya heroes am ok,

the news is about WSOP Circuit event in campione... it's still runnin...

i had try a satellite to event1 500 buyin, but get only a 13th place on 80 entry, 5 ticket prizepool.

tomorrow will try satellite to main event, only 3 ticket...

and thursday same... a 2nd chance.

that' all about my WSOP C, 20 km from home.

my bankroll is actually 20 euro and my sister stacked me up for the 2 satellites.

desperate as always, unlucky as always, card dead as always.

a minisatellite man had won EPT Main recently... so if poker's God loves the minisat man, there i will be...

hope day can be my day.

cya heroes, passionate as always. love u.

hello heroes today we can talk about an official Itm into an official casino tourney...

i get the pass by the 30 euro satellite on thursday... finally end 33th on 500 player +450 euros.

i died with AA shove preflop 260k on oppo openraise 80 at T 30k oppostack 500k.

he snapcall with KJs flop Kxxturnx river J and im busted with Aces as only heroes can do.

before dat i fight 2 shot in allin preflop on T24k i was 500k stack and i shove on oppo raise , i was AKs he JJ flop J and nothing more... oppo was 280K . 600k pot.

i get back soon to 550k and in boubbletime i openraise 80k T30k oppo shove i had Queens He shove AKo I call 280k with 550k stack and lose again... so after a while just the time to get ITM and i had Aces and died.

i close day1 at 180k stack at T2400, but i was already over 200k at T1200 and i lost various AK and a KK ...

so i really player at my best during day 2 but i already have a big dose of unluck as always, lucky to be ITM but unlucky to cant run for final table and first place.

the satellite i had close it in second position .

best reagard to all and dont forget to fight.



hallo dear rankin hero friends... lifes go on...

im still ok , im moved to back to play in casino di campione some tourney stacked from slot machines... im actually a lowbet slotmachine pro and im doing crown founding there to rainvest into poker tourneys and cash game.

had 4 cash session 130 stack each, -70 , -50 ,+200, -140.

the last stack i had loosed with AA , raise utg +1 13euros, flop Q74 i bet 50 oppo shoveallin i call , he had flush draw and insta closed the project on turn.

LoL so my aces has died.

i had 1 year and 2 month without lost 1 time AA into live poker. not bad.

i also tried the red shark3 155 buyin... i went to TV table into day2, but i was card dead alltime long.

had few hand at start but i had fold 2 times AQ cause i just arrived into day2 and not really want to go home again so fast with AQ, i get to a TV table 1 other time into my life and i had lost it with AQ after 5 minutes, lol


sorry if i not had my patch rankin hero on but was to wash my official dress for tourney... have fun...
Red Shark 3 -- FINAL DAY -- www.youtube.com

dat 1... but im not sure to play it .. it's 450km away and it cost money to move some day far away home... maybe i will cashout it.

hello poker heroes some good news from fourking poker room in eupilio, como.

1st place on friday , 3000 gtd 45 entry +700 buck + 450buck package to nova gorica to a 200k gtd 330buyin.

1st place on sunday +400 bucks, 2000 gtd 35 entry

and won a live sit n go on monday.

it's back some good run... so let's run.

friday 4 times QQ into final table now they call me Mr QQ. LoL

alessio is back ... desperate as always, poor as always, killer as always.


ok dear heroes, i'm ready to play a 4000 gtd ... will try to have fun and laught with opponent... cards doesnt matter... will try to play instinctive ,gogogo

best of luck to all will play tonight.

dun be too much tryhard.