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Who Is Your Fantasy Valentine?

As I am beginning this text, I am also switching to some of Presley's “oldies-but-goldies”, just to keep me in the right mood (and yes, I definitely need this).

Ok, the joke aside!

Some like it, some don’t. Some spend crazy money on it, some make small, but no less valued presents. Some have special dinners, some just spend the night talking and drinking wine, for example. Some celebrate, some get deeply depressed. So far it sounds like Christmas, doesn’t it? And it is almost Christmas, except it is Valentine’s Day!!! And it’s coming..

Before bringing to the table all those greeting cards, candles, chocolate hearts, wedding rings, unicorns, love poems, candies and roses, read these Fun Facts (and never forget to bring WINE):

A♥Valentine was the one who went against Emperor Claudius’ orders and performed secret Christian weddings
A♥He was put in jail for that and while he was there he wrote a letter to the jailor’s daughter signing it: “your Valentine”
A♥Valentine’s Day and Christmas are in competition in the greeting card business
A♥In Finland, they celebrate “Friend’s day” instead of Valentine’s day
A♥Girls in medieval times ate bizarre foods during the day, to make them dream of their future spouse
A♥Each year more than 40 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are sold
A♥In the U.S., many women send themselves flowers on Valentine’s day
A♥On average, wedding proposals number around 250,000 on Valentine’s Day each year
A♥The day was first associated with romantic love in Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales in the High Middle Ages

And as I was sitting and thinking about the way that I am going to spend it, first I thought of a good restaurant, a nice bottle of wine, soft music, my favourite dark dress - but still there was something strange in all that perfection. There was no Valentine sitting on the other side of the table.. There was no poker.
That’s not acceptable, I said to myself and picked a poker pro, of course. There is no fun without the game, even in love. But who is he? I will keep it a secret! I will just tell you that my story changed and now we are sitting at a very romantic poker table, playing heads-up! I can’t tell you any more, unless you share with me who YOU would pick to be your special poker Valentine if you were free to choose?


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this was funny


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your next write ups thank you once again.
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Hello !


Hey all ;) How are you today? Haven't played in a long time.. All is the same?

Hello there

Same old :) WB Ina Q♥

 preparing for a big game today, good to know 

Hey, I'm having an issue with my about page, it keeps giving me HTTP Error 500 whenever I try and access it. How do I seek help about it? I can't seem to find your tech support system.

Never mind, it fixed itself.

Hello and sorry for the late response. Glad that it's already fixed. If you have any questions - contact me ;)
Have a nice day ;)

 Just want to say thanks for everything!

Okey, time for me to share some top secrets of my game. 
So, sit back and..

I am a pretty agressive player when it comes to cash games, true.
And I always try to bet smart. (but not always do I manage)
Anyway, most of the time I look like this:

Its a difficult mix of: trying to use my brain (which is no working properly) instead of listening to my emotions (which are sometimes looking like a volcano, literally), trying to look serious, trying to not panic when the flop turns bad, thinking before betting, giving my best for being less agressive, observing other players attitude on table..ok, its never-ending list.
So lets just call it after the incredible Arctic Monkeys song: "D is for Dangerous”


Best of January

Thank you all!

@Annie RKH @Rémi Rkh @Advoghado @Jill 22 @Queen B @Heroes @RKHguess @RKHstrategy @Ace-High Poker Group 

Now lets see what February will bring 

Very thanks for share, very nice video! 



wwooow thats so cool, @Ina Rkh !!! GG