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Analyze this! Rounders, Part III: What if?...

Hardly anything has been left unsaid about the final hand since Rounders' release some 18 years ago. Whether we like Mike's play or not, one thing is certain: the script made things all too easy for him, with a tilting opponent and the absolute nuts throughout the hand. 

So let' try something different in this round of our Rounders discussion:



Hand summary after Mike's 2BB bet of $200 and KGB's call pre-flop:

Flop: .6♦7♠10♥ Pot $400

Mike checks. KGB bets $2,000. Mike calls.

Turn: 7♣ Pot $4,400

With the pre-flop and flop betting rounds unchanged, how do you think Mike should act on the turn if another 7 came up instead of the 2?

How would you expect Teddy KGB to respond?

How would the board run out in your own remake of Rounders


Post your answers by Monday February 1st with the hashtags #RKHstrategy and #Rounders2 


Thanks, done: Here 

Analyze this! Part II: RKH takes on KGB!

Though our friend @Advoghado is of a different opinion ;), most of us would agree with @Jordan Hooper and @Socius that 'Mike played the hand perfectly'  in light of what he knew about his opponent (and the absolute nuts secured by the script). But what about Teddy KGB's play? Why did he bet the way he did and what was his final hand? 

Teddy KGB's undisclosed two starting cards and final hand have been the object of much speculation ranging from a set, through two pair, to pure air. And in one of the latest analyses to appear (2015), poker pro and coach @Jonathan Little put him on J-8:

"The way Teddy reacts after Mike’s call with the nuts leads me to believe he was bluffing instead of over valuing a worse made hand. If I was forced to put Teddy on an exact hand, it would be Jx-8x, likely with a backdoor flush draw. This is because J-8 has a draw to the nuts yet it still loses to almost all of Mike’s range. He also has an 8 blocker, making it a bit more difficult for Mike to have the nuts. Of course, his river bluffing range is certainly wider than only J-8, but J-8 (and J-9) are prime semi-bluffing candidates due to having blockers and also having a draw to the nuts."

What is YOUR take on KGB's play in the final hand in Rounders?

By modern heads-up rules, the dealer gets to act first pre-flop and then last for the rest of the hand. But in this case, we see Mike acting first throughout. Was it simply a matter of different rules, a mistake on the part of the filmmakers, or did Teddy KGB limp pre-flop? If he only called the big blind, what does that imply about his hand?

Did Teddy KGB really put Mike on a draw? If he thought he was facing a missed draw, was the all-in on the river the best move?

And, of course, the ultimate question:

What two cards was Teddy KGB holding in the last hand?


Grab some Oreos for inspiration and share your thoughts with the two hashtags #RKHstrategy and #Rounders1 or in the comments section below! Now over to you,  @Startling Grope  :)




#RKHstrategy #Rounders1

has almost nothing wrong, the only risk in controlling the opponent is giving him a chance of making a full

#RKHstrategy #Rounders1

Greatest film on poker. I learned not to overestimate never two pair

Analyze this! Part I

#RKHstrategy #Rounders1

Rounders is probably the best-liked poker movie of all time and part of the 'initiation' of every ambitious poker beginner and fan.

The final hand between Teddy KGB and Mike McDermott comes up time and again in poker forums and groups so let's uphold the tradition and bring it into the RankingHero spotlight in our turn :)


Hand summary after Mike's 2BB bet of $200 and KGB's call pre-flop:

Flop: .6♦7♠10♥ Pot $400

Mike checks. KGB bets $2,000. Mike calls.

Turn: 2♣ Pot $4,400

Mike checks. KGB bets $4,400. Mike calls.

River: A♠ Pot $13,200

Mike checks. KGB moves all-in. Mike calls.


First topic of discussion: SWOT analysis of Mike's play

Was Mike right or wrong to check on all streets? What was he representing? What could have gone wrong? Analyze the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats from Mike's 'side of the table'!


Share your thoughts in a post with the hashtags

 #RKHstrategy and #Rounders1 

and impress the RKH team and community with your reasoning and/or funny

comments to get 5 to 20 points for your entry!




Thanks @RKH for another great promotion, Done: here




Slow Play, Bet on the ACE, NUTS is NUTS  !!!

New Challenge for Ranking Heroes!

It’s been a long time since we talked strategy on RankingHero and we’d like to start a discussion on a very famous hand featuring a flopped straight. Starting this Thursday, we’ll be asking a series of questions about it but first we challenge you to identify it!


If you don’t recognize the hand, perhaps you can venture a guess whether it is old or recent, real or fictional, from a major live tournament or a cash game? Stay tuned for our clues!

If you DO know the hand, please feel free to suggest topics of discussion that you think would be interesting for the community. Send a private message to @Ina Rkh or @Annie RKH with your proposed question about the hand!

Post your answers in the comments section below or in a separate post with the hashtag #RKHstrategy

Scoring for this question:

Every answer gets 1 point!

Every correct answer gets 5 points!

Every suggested topic of discussion/question about the hand gets 5 points!

Don’t forget the RKH team has a special surprise in store for you (to be revealed after the end of this mission) so make sure you join in today and start scoring those points ;)

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Nice one, looks like fun!

the final hand from rounders