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Inaugural Ranking Hero of the Month Award!

Many may remember him as the moderator of a Mystery Hand Mission in July 2015 and all of our regulars know him as one of the nicest, friendliest, and most active members of our community.

In January 2016 @Advoghado took an active part in both the PCA Guessing Game and the Rounders discussion on RKH, making him the best candidate for our very first honorary certificate!

Dear Advoghado, the RKH team couldn’t thank you enough for your consistent and positive presence, involvement, and contribution to our community life! We hope to see as much and more of you in the future :)



The friendly competition for our next Ranking Hero of the Month award will pick up steam tomorrow with the launch of our Poker Movie Quiz and you can already earn ‘hero points’ (and the immeasurable gratitude of the team:) by submitting your interesting & fun multiple answer questions! Write to @Annie RKH or @Ina Rkh  and share your trivia suggestions and ideas!


Thank you, Advoghado! :)


Wooow thats so cool guys! I want one of those certificates on my wall

niceeeee GG

Wow, I'm speechless!

My pleasure, to all owners and also all members of @RKH Team for allowing me to be part of this nice community.

I hope to continue to contribute more in the future, sincerely, I leave here my much thanks!

:) Congrats ! Mate !

Thanks all! :)