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#CashGF will not tell it but its connected to the Matrix

Let me guess, dear @Queen B, is it hidden somewhere in here?

hahaha lets ask Mr. Reeves, he must know, right?


I will stay true to all #womenINpoker and say YES!


Wrong time to bluff


did not win the BOM missions, but I still think there is chance for something big.
So, RankingHero, whats next???? lets rollllllllllllll

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im waiting too

I am so happy to see you guys being so enthusiastic about our future missions! Prepare yourselves for some surprises! 

GL queen B

 #captionmalta #RoadtoMalta 

"I will play till I win a RKH mission!"

#MaltaHand2  #RoadtoMaltaHand 
No doubt, I go all in. 

ouuuchhhhh Antonio, that hurts.

"he's the trash man...he's the poker tramp" haha

Queen of Poker


It was one of the most stupid things I did, bud suddenly it turned out to be one of the most amazing things that happened to me !

Well... Heads-up with a famous pro.
I was really stressed and was hardly trying to hide my scare.
All game, I didn't do any bluffing, I was only playing safe..
But I once decided to take the risk..

I knew that having 7♥2♥ isn't the best case when you do a bluff in a heads-up with a famous pro.

Sure, than my opponent raised the pot, which took half of my chips. I obviously should have prayed to the Poker Gods, not the ordinary God.
Anyway, pot came - > 8♥Q♥A♠

And my face was like..

Than I raised, I didn't think for a second, just put all in.
And this time.. I knew to who to pray to!!

next to 8♥Q♥A♠ comes a K♥
Believe me if I had more chips, I would have put them, too all-in!!!
Bottom line was 6♣!
My opponent was holding 2♠2♣ and said to me that he was so sure that my bluff won't take me to the win, but yesss it did!!!

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#girlspower #gogogo you are my favourite 

Random use of Bilzerian approved!

I play, because I am addicted #MoreThanMoney 

Interesting.. I hope you are doing well, @Queen B :)