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"Skilful" left his job in September 2015 after spending 5 years in a career that his heart wasn't in. This was the best thing that ever happened to him!  He is now free to pursue his true passion which is poker and is currently working on a challenge to make 12k playing poker in 6 months, starting with just 100 euros at 4nl.
He has a blog at www.skilfulpoker.com and is always happy to connect on Twitter.
He values passion, life, positivity and is always seeking to take his game (and life) to the next level! He also likes making new friends so don't be shy about saying hi!

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Yo how's it going hero's been a while! What's everyone up to ?? Thinking of jumping into a small live mtt tonight myself , have a good one!

that's what i'm doing these days :D:DD:D:D hah

how it was the mtt?

I hope you are all having a great start to this year! How is your poker going? How about life?! Any goals on or off the felt this year?

My poker...well... could be better ! Life is... beautiful :P
How about you, Skilful ?

that's excellent! Love the resolution! I think mine is very similar to yours Elena! Life is going well, poker is not going well. I guess this is the right side to be on :D

Well that was quick  just lost with Quads vs Straight Flush in Titan Festival MTT!

Good Game @DecoGTX 

"Do you want to rebuy"

I did a real double take...

Double Take...

"Rebuy... but I had Qua....ds....."

"oh straight flush... gg!"

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sorry, IF Cash Game KKKK = BAD BEAT BONUS TITAN = 250$ !!! but 8888 ?


No and I've just been searching my holdem manager and can't find it either!!! =( hope you went deep Deco :D

Looking forward to the Titan Festival should be a lot of fun!


Good luck to everyone that is entering!