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May I introduce myself? I'm Megges, 39 years old, from Germany, married, proud father of two sons. I'm a casual amateur poker player since years now. My P/L is negative until today, unfortunately, but in my opinion I see a rising tendency. My greatest achievement, so far, was to win a 530 $ tournament ticket last week. It would be great to play poker for a living, but I suppose it's still a long way for me... I think, that's all for the first time, apart from perhaps that I am also listed in the World Genius Directory for having an above average IQ. 

welcome to #rkh have fun an gl at the tables 

Thx. Very kind of you!

Welcome Megges !

Hello, @Megges G. Holly! Proud to have you on board! How often do you play? 

Thank you. Nice to be here. I play round about 2-3x per week. It differs from week to week and depends from my free time...

Hi, I am John.


Hey, welcome