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May I introduce myself? I'm Megges, 39 years old, from Germany, married, proud father of two sons. I'm a casual amateur poker player since years now. My P/L is negative until today, unfortunately, but in my opinion I see a rising tendency. My greatest achievement, so far, was to win a 530 $ tournament ticket last week. It would be great to play poker for a living, but I suppose it's still a long way for me... I think, that's all for the first time, apart from perhaps that I am also listed in the World Genius Directory for having an above average IQ. 

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Hi, I am John.


Hey, welcome

After seeing all the messages for @William Calder  I am so tempted to do a post saying "Like my unibet decisions and I will send you a freeroll password" 


Actually how about doing a freeroll with a small proportion of the prize pool for everyone who has liked a post in the Unibet decision.

Maybe ask the ten finalist before a winner is announced if they would be willing to accept a lower 1st prize and donate a bit to a freeroll, its something I would be happy to do.


I just enjoyed playing the @Ace-High Poker Group freeroll so it would be nice to have an excuse to play another.

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Hard work trying to get people to join in sometimes. Must have invited 10 people to join in the #UnibetBubble and 3 joined it  I think they are very good prizes that everyone has a chance at.

I would have mentioned the freeroll to people earlier but I only saw it late today. Hence a few of the last minute members you recieved.

Yeah unfortunately it was decided between me an my admins that if they werent signed up an followed /joined to ace high by 8 pm they werent to get  in mate tried my best to msg everyone an give them all details learned a few things for the next ones to make them run smoother . always learning in this game . always something new to pick up on and thanks for being so involved an supportive cheers buddy really helps to keep us wanting an helping people to get into the community spirit #rkh #acehigh

@Jonny2192 hope you enjoyed the freeroll :) And thank you to invite more people in our mission, we think to organize this kind of "private freerolls" for our active users very soon.

Fun Way - Unibet Royal Flush is now over

The mission #UnibetRoyalFlush, part of the "Fun Way to Glasgow", is now over.

Thanks to you all, and congratulations to the 5 most liked posts :

@William Calder, @Mark Duguid, @B165L1CK75@Bnasp and @John Thomson!

@Nicolas Levi will now analyse your posts and choose the most strategic one.

He will reveal it tomorrow… Stay tuned!


Here are the results of our random draws!

The winner of the “5 likes or more” draw is @Paulo Tavares.

Congratulations, you win €20 in cash tickets on Unibet.com !


The winner of the “Share” draw is Cara Williams.

Congratulations, you win €30 in cash game tickets on Unibet.com !




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AcehighFTW now lets TID for scooby an the gang......  : ) gogogogogogo



Je vais vous raconter cette main incroyable qui m'est arrivée au BPT de Deauville...Je pense que j'ai bien joué le coup vous me direz si vous êtes d'accord.

On arrive juste avant la bulle ca fait 5 heures déjà que nous jouons. J'ai une image ignoble à  la table j'ai joué extrêmement large et aggressif et suis rentré dans 2 coups sur 3. (avec peu de réussite car j'ai un peu moins que l'average à ce moment de la partie. Et là fantastique je retourne 2 flèches au bouton.....je pense que je vais vraiment prendre de la value vu mon image hyper lose. Je relance 2.5BB préflop, je suis suivi par la small et big blind. Le flop s'affiche .....


énorme..........carré flopé.........j'exulte déjà je vais enfin écrire ma première ligne de résultat live sur #rkh . Mais maintenant comment rentabiliser tout ca.?

Aller si je ne fais pas mon continuation bet mes 2 vilains vont me voir venir...je choisi de miser 80% du pot pour simuler un arrachage. La small blind se couche et je suis suivi par la BB.

Le turn :10♥

un bonne carte encore vilain check  je décide tout de même de checker histoire de laisser mon adversaire se level river.

et la croupière retourne J♥

Et la bonne idée que d'avoir checker ....vilain fait tapis immédiatement....waouh......je vais doubler!!!!! ca sent bon.... je call dans la foulée et retourne  mes cartes en me levant je ne pouvais pas rester assis sur ma chaise tellement l'exitation était forte.

vilain retourne ses cartes : 8♥9♥ il a fait tapis avec tirage quinte flush par les deux bouts

je me suis levé pour ne plus jamais me rasseoir à la table aurevoir Deauville et mon rêve de ma première ligne d'ITM sur #RANKINGHERO

Likez mon malheur et renvoyez moi a Deauville.................!



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alors que faisons nous on laisse notre like lol !!!!!! bien sur que oui ............

oui parce qu'on est sympas

effectivement une petite erreur dans la rédaction c'est corrigé...c'était pour voir si vous suiviez

ABC of Poker: Position Essentials & Glossary

Poker is a game of incomplete information and that is why you need to watch out for anything that can help you fill in some of the gaps. In terms of information, the first of your assets and vulnerabilities is your position at the table. Essentially, the later you are to act, the more information you will have gained about your opponents. 

Position is a strength and a weakness that cannot be disguised with hoodies, scarves and sunglasses. It is possibly the advantage pros value the most and the key factor that beginners tend to underestimate or completely ignore.

But first things first:

How are the position seats called at a nine-handed table and who acts first before the flop?

The Button is the best position, acting last on the fllop, turn, and river; UTG  has the red light for anything but 'monster' starting hands, and the Small Blind is a very tricky position being first to act on all three streets after the flop.


UTG = 'Under the Gun' (immediately to the left of the blinds, first to act pre-flop)

MP = middle position

HJ = 'Hijack' (as the name suggests, this is considered the best position to 'steal the blinds')

CO = 'Cut-off' (in home games, this is the player who cuts the deck for the dealer)

BTN = 'The button' (the rotating dealer position; refers to the player acting as the dealer in each hand)



In the first betting round, before the three community hands are dealt, the betting will always start with the player immediately to the left of the Big Blind and proceed clockwise: UTG, UTG+1, MP1, MP2, HJ, CO, BTN, SB, BB. 

The dealer button is then passed along to the left in the next hand (even when you have someone physically dealing the cards every time :); the first card is always dealt to the Small Blind. 

At a six-handed table, the positions are: SB, BB, UTG, MP, CO, BTN.

What happens in a tournament when play gets down to heads-up?

Merci @Cedric Michel and @Campok for the screenshot :)

The Dealer Button posts the small blind and is dealt the first card. The Button is the first to act pre-flop. In the next three betting rounds - flop, turn, and river - the player on the button regains his advantage and acts last.

After the flop

A nine-handed table has 'early position' (the blinds and UTG), 'middle position' (seats 4,5, and 6), and 'late position' (Hijack, Cut-off and Button) seats.  

This division refers to the acting order after the flop: SB, BB, UTG, UTG+1, MP1, MP2, HJ, CO, BTN. 

'In position" and 'out of position'

The later your position, the more you know about your opponents.

The fewer players are left to act after you, the better your chances of controlling the pot and the action.

Playing 'in position' means you are acting after your opponents on the flop, turn, and river, and you have an information edge.

Being 'out of position' means you have to act before your opponents on the flop, turn, and river, and puts you at a disadvantage since you don't have pot control and you are the one giving away information. In other words, 'being out of position' most of the time means you shouldn't be playing :)

The number of players in the game has important strategy implications. As it decreases, you will broaden your range to include more starting hands. More about that in future #RKHabc posts!


Your ABC rule of thumb

Play tighter (with premium or 'monster' hands) in early position and widen your range (play more starting hands) in late position. When out of position, you will usually be right to fold if someone in position raises.

Next on #RKHabc: a player who has given us one of the most famous illustrations of the power of 'position poker'! 



Nice post!

Nice post !

Heureusement tu m'as dit envoie tout @Jason Matthieu 

Partagez vos #screenshotscampok !
Rendez-vous sur l’application Campok et cliquez sur lier mes comptes.

je veux des j'aimes :( #Aime#Like #RKH#MPC #WSOP #EPT #FPS 

et j'ajoute #MPCqualif  GG Tom !

Merci :)