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#Unibet Open Glasgow
.#rankinghero #acehighpoker #hashtag #Glesga

Who- What -Where -When- Why.
the 5 doubleyou's or 5w's .2 double U's make a W.

SORRY I DONT EXPECT THAT TO MAKE MUCH SENSE TO MOST just giving an example of how my mind works an sees things in a weird way sometimes ha.

naturally my mind tends to wander an keeping focus for long periods of time is hard for me . i tend to go into zones an go on auto pilot . which is explains why and how i made the greatest/ dumbest call in televised poker history ever recorded.

WHO . AM I .trained warrior like a samurai i am william calder from the HIGH NORTH of SCOTLAND . a land of poker warriors built an trained to be the best in the land . a proud fierce player out to make his name in poker folklore .

WHAT . the *&^% was said a lot at the time people couldnt fathom it for it made no sense to no one .who is he they're asking why did he do that what the flip is going on remarks the commentators .

WHERE . At the @unibetopen Glasgow Celtic Park heads up at the final table, even in chips with the trophy and an extra 15k to play after making a deal heads up .

WHEN . 6 - 9 JUNE ....THE YEAR OF REDLACW1 with the stars an planets alligned it was fate that i was destined to win - acehighBOSS FTW

WHY . why oh why did i do it . honestly it wasn't through tiredness it was wanting to beat the best with the worst . upto this point i had been getting in ahead an each time i seen the horizon he would pull me back into the abyss with a lucky river card to make a straight or sucking out an flushing me to draw back even this is when i decided to make a bold play .
I said to myself next hand im going to shove blind all in . so the dealer deals the hand i look at my opponent an see he is looking at his cards an then i announce super confidently all in , i look down to look at my hole cards to see what the poker gods have dealt me an i look down at seven deuce offsuit which in a funny mysterious way makes me feel happy as i know well it cant get any worse . until i hear the words call an my opponent flips over ten ten . the fear an dread kicks in as the gasps from the rail as the card are turned over an even the announcer has to hold back a laugh as he reads out the cards ten ten vs 72 offsuit . my opponent is looking happy as if hes won it all ready an is over at the rail high fiving his friends an chanting for a ten .
i look over to my rail an everyone is in shock @b1651lck75 @johnthomson @mark duiguid @tom clark @stephanie @chas @acehighmick @ajmc an all the ace high members and the guys from rkh elena ina nicolas levi are all in a state of bemusement wondering WHY ive done WHAT ive done.
WHO would do such a thing , this is a WHEN an WHERE moment everyone will know exactly in ten years time like JFK or man landing on the moon everyone will claim to have been there that fateful day that i won the @unibet open .
The tournamet director tells the dealer to take us to a flop an the dealer lays down a 3 of clubs 7 of hearts and a 2 of spades . the crowd goes wild ace high erupts on the rail with chants of seven - ace high ace high ace high is also being chanted the place has erupted with over a 100 drunk scots on the rail the place is electric in atmosphere, so much energy swirling around my nerves have took over an at this point im using the table to hold me up gripping on to it for dear life , the tension is unbearable as the dealer brings the turn to reveal another 3 to counter feit the two pair of seven deuce the shock kicks in an the room goes silent apart from the italian guy an his two friends on the rail they go into crazy italia football celebrations reminiscent of the day they won the world cup lol .

after what feels like an eternity the dealer bumps the table with his fist then burns the last card to the side an then turns the river card to reveal the red seven of diamonds an the whole room just goes berserk crazy with all of ace high rushing down off the stands to celebrate an hoist me atop of everyones shoulders , with everyone doing the bouncy bouncy na na na in celtic park its a great feeling i shake the italians hand an he says to me something in italian which i dont understand but at same time understand an take to mean you lucky river rat swine hahah . i say to him go on home sir lol

holding the trophy aloft n having my picture taking i notice my sister in the crowd an clamber through the people to get to her an give her the trophy to take home an say to her i will see you in a week or two me an ace high an rankinghero are off to party in the sun an drink and play poker on the beach haha . we are ACE-HIGH an we are the NUTZ .

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