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Congrats on your 3rd place, Hugo Lemaire! Your result in the 2016 EPT XII - UKIPT - 5 - Dublin Event 49: €1,100 No Limit Holdem - Single Re-Entry event on Feb 17, 2016 at Royal Dublin Society increased your total earnings by 23 860€!
Track your performance and keep it up!

Well played, Antotrust! Your 9th place finish in the Live 4 - Trimestre 1 #4 NLHE - 20 max L4T1 event on Oct 20, 2015 at Nantes Live Poker Club added 5 Points to your total earnings!
Track your performance and keep it up!

5 pts !?! pareil !!  

ha moi 30pts le prochain sera mini 80pts espéron

In case you haven't placed your forecast bet in the WSOP Guessing Game Question 5 yet, quite an impressive group of top #HeroScore influencers are moving on to Day 3: @Daniel Negreanu @Phil Hellmuth @Thuan B. "Scotty" Nguyen @Chris Moorman @Jonathan Duhamel   ‪

I'm sure the ESPN  TV producers are keeping their fingers crossed for Scotty Baby or The Poker Brat because of their ++EntertainmentValue :)

Elena RKH

The WSOP Guessing Game - Question 5

Elena RKH on Rankinghero Elena RKH on Rankinghero The rules are simple: Every day of the Main Event, we ask a new question. You have 24 hours to post your prediction on your RankingHero page with the right hashtags. On July 16th, we will post the...

Just had a quick look on twoplustwo only to see...

This! Advert looking good, caught me by surprise, cool that HeroScore is getting such great exposure.


Hope it gets lots of new users to RKH, It is a great site and I hope to see it grow