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John Thomson

is an up-and-coming poker amateur and great contributor

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I run 'Ace-High Poker Group'with my friend. We ...,
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Any RKH team about to help me just now?

Can I help ?

Right all my RankingHero buddies, ive not been on here in past week or so as ive had a lot on irl and looks like im missed quite q few promos and some top banter as per  ....Im gonna play the RKH sats on @Unibet.com tonight and probs the deep stack, will also be on Ipoker and Pokerstasrs.Uk. Anybody got a schedule sorted yet, any you lot playing the sats on Unibet? Looks amazing value atm  ..Anyway, gl at the tables 

A♠ce-High Ftw!

good luck m8 im in the main n mini on sky poker

John Thomson just reached the level 2 in Balla Habitat!
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Knew i wasa balla in the making

Well today we ordered the first lot of hoodys, we are going to order more in the next few days, if you defo want a hoody please leave ur name and size and either myself or William Calder will pm u with payment details. The hoody's are all black with a heather grey inner (in the hood) and draw strings with sky blue embroidery on left breast and are pull over style. The image design is below, and a picture of the uncustomized hoody also. From date of payment it should take about 14 days to arrive.
£25+P&P (P+P $5 for UK)

This week has been the busiest ever, ive had no time to get on here and havent updated in a few days so i will sork back the way

Last night was good  I played 7 mtt's on @unibet and won 2 of them (1 NLHE and 1 Omaha) had another ft and an ft bubble, the other 3 i bust early. My Mrs also won some Euro's last night as she came 2nd in the 'Daily 4' for 300 bux  Wp that lady, she musta had a good teacher 

Wednesday was great i had so much on i only managed 2 tournys the 'Evening Deepstack' which i ft'd finishing 4rth and i also played a 50 gtd that was on late, won that in 5 mins flat, only 3 started and i crushed them quickly  Super dooper value :)

P.s, i hate cash games....They are killing my rpofit so no more of that malarkay for me 

A♠ce-High Ftw!

Last night was shocking for me on @Unibet.com , Finished the day on 195 after i went out the 'Evening Deepstack' pretty quickly and bombed the 'Daily 4' fairly early too, and dont get me started on the 'Jackpot' tournys, AA into 99 he flops 9 then get it in on a low flop with 99.....obv he had AA and holds,,,,Arrrrrgh!!! 

 Todays another day though so lets run better! Like this dude 

A♠ce-High ftw!

Well yesterday was pretty good we are now on 224 after getting a 2nd in a sng and 9th in the 'Early 4' and a few other cashes and won a buy in at 5/10 NLHE if i hadnt bothered with sats and the 'punt' i took on the 'Sunday Sundown' i would be up more as i also won the only Omaha tourny i palyed and the 'Sundown' is out my br range really still, running good on @Unibet.com and will be playing their 'Jackpot' tournys tonight,bink both for the bonus is the plan obv :) 

A♠High ftw!

Will add what i played yesterday in these comments later as played quite a few and wrote the schedule down....Gutted some of the 'Autumn Challenges' arent runnig :(

Right so we start today on 195 Euro after a decent day yesterday, finished a sat as CL won the 25o  gtd, and ft'd another 2 mtts all on @Unibet.com so hopefully we run as well today, loaded up and just about to start hwg!

Ace-High ft!