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we arrive by limo to be greeted by fire breathing acrobats twirling through the air , an shaolin monks performing feats of pure skill an bravery , there is one guy on stilts, people on unicycles handing out shots , calvin harris is DJing with rihanna performing also , and even an inflatable bar outside where u can get a british pint an fish n chips . there is so many people having such a blast dancing an mixing with one another , outside in the courtyard there is a ferris wheel where atop u can see the whole island of malta lit up under the sky's stars , a great moment to reflect an appreciate such a great nyt as fireworks shoot up in the air an make almighty bangs , back at the bar i meet some fellow rkh members an we decide to do shots of tequila an sambuca an this is where things get messy we do in the free champagne an start dancing on tables shirts off an doing british style football chants but changed to poker references which wont be repeated lol . there is some f the most beatiful women in the world here an a bunch of guys in hoodies an sunglasses looking pale white not seen the sun all trip an is funny to watch these guys just get mixing ryt in an having a ball , there is guy sperforming magic tricks with cards an stuff an also people actually playing poker u just cant stop some i suppose from taking a nyt off , all in all its been a wonderful eye opening experience to say the least anits all thanks to rankinghero an all our fantastic members .so hopefully see you all there next time gd luck guys cheers #'@quadzilla #MaltaBOMParty pub time