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"when i get a bad beat and someone tries to tell me about the one time they lost with a set"




"When someone at a party has heard I play poker and starts telling me a bad beat story"


aaah shiiiit......this gonna end badly.......now we have Mojitos and ANOTHER chick WTF? i'm a dead man......

Ahahah way to go

"When someone is raising every street and I'm waiting for a spot to fight back"


Don't think the wife will like our new living room lol......."where's the dam TV??" i can hear her saying......"and who the f***k is that chick"???

"When i give advice to a noob and he gives me an insane reason not to take the line I'm suggesting"


"When the wife wants to talk about 'us' while I'm 15 tabling..."



apparently have stopped smoking and got 2 dogs now that i'm a baller

kick the two dugs oot an get back on that bong 

#Learning #Study

Great post, really well written and right to the heart of what matters to anyone looking to improve their game. I was just talking about this two days ago!

I was comparing what I want to achieve with my game with what someone else has achieved who has had a lot of success, and using them as an example for why I believe I can achieve what I am setting out to acheive.

My coach said well also don't forget they were coached by a high stakes reg and you are being coached by a midstakes pro.

My response to him was I really dont think up to about 100nl/200nl it makes any difference if I am coached by Phil Ivey or someone that plays 400nl professionaly, the technique and skill I will need that they can both teach, to beat 100nl, they would both be able to provide. I think the difference in my winrate (providing they are both equally skilled at teaching) would be very marginal.

For an analogy let's say you spend 3 months training with a black belt 4th dan in Karate, and then you have to beat a green or a blue belt

then let's say instead you spend those 3 months training with a black belt 1st dan - assuming they were both equally good teachers, would you probabally be better at Karate after 3 months with the 4th dan than 3 months with the 1st dan - i think it's hard to say, maybe? In the time you have to study with them both they would each have so much to teach you from the earlier grades that you might not even get to the knowledge they have to teach about higher level grades.

More importantly... would it make any difference to your ability to beat the blue or green belt? I doubt it! You would have learned so much beyond the ability of the blue/green belt from both 1st and 4th dan black belts that the difference in edge would be minimal that you get from the 4th or 1st dan black belt teachers - you would know more than enough to crush the blue or green belts from these experts.

(Assuming you were physically able to perform what they taught)

So I think as long as you are getting taught by someone that has clearly surpassed the limits you are looking to beat, it makes no difference who teaches you (assuming they are equally skilled at teaching).

Love the analogy, absolutely agree...i like to cherry pick from as many sources as possible, can't do any harm eh? lol : )

yeah for sure so much good stuff out there, thanks for sharing this, bang on the money i think

Have also lately been trying to record my sessions while i talk over my decisons at the same time,not an easy feat, as any noob vid maker can probably tell you...i've made some A-Game, B-Game and one really really funny F-Game video in the last few nights....too embaressed to even put out last nights as i was falling asleep at my keyboard due to some extreme sleep deprivation....i haven't even watched it, but just for a giggle i might put it out there for a short time, i couldnt even see the bloody monitors and was clicking buttons like a blind monkey...Cheech and Chong springs to mind.....