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Andrew Brisland

is a striving poker student and strong contributor

Poker Score: 13,884

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Rank: 5 / 292
Dec 19, 2013
Tournament Results
£100 NLHE
BoylePoker IPOUK 2013
Aspers Casino - Westfield Stratford City
Apr 11, 2014



1 / 49

No Limit Hold'em
Black Belt Newcastle
Aspers Casino Newcastle
Dec 8, 2013



4 / 65

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Well played, Andrew Brisland! Your 7th place finish in the 2015 MK Casino Regular Tournaments Turbo FreezeOut event on Aug 22, 2015 at The Casino Xscape Milton Keynes added £45 to your total earnings!
Track your performance and keep it up!

Who is playing the PartyPoker WPT National this week I am playing Flight 2 as I won a ticket in a satellite yesterday I might play Flight 3 if I feel lucky Good Luck everyone who is playing , I will have my Ranking Hero patch on

Registered FIRST in the Summer Tournament good luck everyone , but not too much luck

Good luck to you :)

3rd lost a big race allin pre my AK vs 88 flop came down K8 x , turn gave me flush draw .... thanks for the amazing added value , 9 players were paid

@Andrew Brisland 

How are you doing? :)

Here I am sharing with you the #HeroScore visuals personalized for you. could you please choose your favorite and add a short explanation :) ?





Number 2 as I like RED and the red numbers are directly under my picture

Thank you for your vote :)


You have 90 BB.

You raise 9 BB.

The ninja does a few chip tricks, and before you know it, he reraises to 18BB.

The samurai calls, and so do you.

The Flop


Both of your opponents check.

The pot is now 55BB. You have 78BB left

Well now I am pretty sure they don't BOTH have AA and the chances of them both having Ax are low , but does one of them have an Ace  only one way to find out , I bet 22bb as my "mistake raising range" could easily have contained an ACE , if one of them pushes then I make a big hollywood pause and fold saying , beats my pair , nice hand what did you have Ace 3 Ace 4 ? trying to get them to show

Here is the hand:

You are at the Venetian, Macao, playing a 200$-400$ game.

You’re surrounded by rich and rather unfunny Chinese businessmen. And honestly, it’s a bit scary.

What a relief when you suddenly catch a glimpse of a familiar face across the room: your friend, Ray.

You don’t pay attention to the dealer giving you the cards while you’re on the Button. You don’t even follow the action when a ninja in early position opens 3 BB. A samurai in middle position calls.

You just shout “Hey Ray!” to your friend.

Raise, how much Sir?” says the dealer with a strong Chinese accent.

You try to explain that no, you didn’t raise. You were just calling a friend… but you realize that the ninja and the samuraï are staring at you, with a sardonic smile.

The dealer looks at them, then at you: “You said you raise. Too late Sir” he says, looking sorry for you.

You look at your cards and see 7♥5♥.

You try hard not to moan out loud… And your consternation becomes even deeper when you realize that the man you saw passing by… was not even Ray...

You have no choice. You must bet.

You have 90 BB. You opponents have a bit more than you.


How much do you raise?


Well , they obviously know I made a mistake , so I try to get out of it cheaply , I raise to 7BB as I have a 7 in my hand  , if they both call then I have a great chance of picking up a nice pot if I hit, if I miss, well I put my shades and baseball cap on and start to focus on the game  , ignoring imaginary friends

 #OOPS365 #PART1

Here is the hand:

Imagine you’re in Malta playing the 2015 PokerListings Battle of Malta. Lucky you!

You are close to the bubble.
The blinds are 1,000/2,000/200.


Everyone folds to the player in middle position. He’s an aggressive Swedish pro, with 136,250 chips, and he raises to 5,000. Two hands earlier, the villain lost 20% of his stack on a bluff on the river.

You’re on the button with K♥K♦ and a stack of 130,500.

 What do you do?

Okayyyy , first of all being close to the bubble with 65BB I pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming Then I try not to show any emotion as I put out a raise to 15000 giving him a great price to call 10k into a 25k pot. I try to mind control the blinds into pushing their medium stacks but when the Swedish player calls I keep my eyes 100% focussed on him as the flop is dealt waiting for his move.

  #HandMalta & #BOMpreflop.

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 thanks for the participation Andrew :P

You've been a lot to play on this mission, so you have 24 more hours to get likes for this 1st step! The FLOP will be revealed tomorrow.

LUCK what would we do without it Just won the PartyPoker Cup

When will the results be published

Are there plans to add many more sites to the database ? and live venues such as the Vic ?

Hello mr. Brisland. I am Ina, database manager of RankingHero. 
Thank you for your question.
As a databse, our main goal is to present the best results for the poker world, because we care.
So, yes. Our plans is to add more sites to the dabase, live venues and maybe even more?