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When I start an MTT a barbell and 2 l of water are close to me. When I'm thirsty I can drink, but when a guy makes me angry I can use my barbell to become stress free.

In the early stage I'm very tight player. I usually start to play with pocket pair or A and high kicker.

In the middle stage I use different style of play which depending on my stack. With a large stack I'm a real TAG player or sometimes a LAG. With an average stack I don't want to play against big stack players. But with short stack I go all-in when I have a decent hand.

In the Bubble I try to waste time and pray a lot.

In the Money: I don't know, that's achieve is not completed yet. I'm joking. If I reach the ITM I want to big win so I become a TAG player again.

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In Africa ? WOW!!! That's an experience! Tell us more...some pictures?

You're right, that was very interesting I have never visited Africa (Botswana) before. In the first couple of days I was afrraid of the lions (this is a lion park) but they didn't want to eat me :). Yes I have pictures, but my camera didn't want to return to Hungary 'cause it is in love with Africa. But the organizer promised me he'll give it back ASAP.

Nice look forward to seeing some pictures when you get your camera back, sounds like an awesome experience!

Yesterday I reached the first "station" of my poker career. I'm a fan of Omaha and Razz and played these games in the last 1 year on Coral. After 50,000 hand my results are not too bad. My net profit is GBP 1274 and I got a 28% ROI.


So I decided to buy myself some presents:

I have a new Mont Blanc wallet and an English dictionary which can make me better (I hope I'll have enough intrepidity to learn).


Next time I'd like to post my new car or a vacuum cleaner (as You can see I need that).

ArchyWraith just reached the level 2 in Businessman Habitat!
What about yours? Check it out on your About page!


I'm sure Your opponent got an A. As You told this is a tight table, so if You go all-in Your opponent could think You have a stronger straight.

Pot: 1550.

In this case You bet almost half of the pot, 800.

I think this is a good idea because Your opponent will call that if he got an A. So, I bet 800 too.



Do You remember Monty Pythony's Life of Brian? "Always look on the bright side of life!".

So, Your opponents didn't get an...

Yes, You're right, this is an A3.

Advoghado is a tight player, but TAG or Rock? I don't know. So, this is a coinflip situation: call or raise? He called on pre-flop so I prefer he called again.


What's about me? I prefered raise on pre-flop so I'd like to continue my aggressive play and I raise. If my oppenents got an A, they will call or fold. If one of my opponents got an A3 he will reraise and I fold.  I raise to 6 BB*.

 *: edited. Thanks Keith!

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Thanks @Keith , You're right. Wrong countingToo hot in here.

(Y) fair-play in here #likeit 

Thanks @ArchyWraith