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How Monty Python Could Have Won a Battle of Malta Package

The third written assignment for poker reporter wannabes in the Rankinghero blog contest is an imaginary winner's interview with the future Battle of Malta champion. 

3 questions that could have taken Monty Python to the Battle of Malta :)

If you're still working on your entry, here's some inspiration from the great Monty Python. It could be as simple as that to get a seat in that 9-handed Sit&Go and play for the €1,500 VIP package :)

#RoadtoMalta #BOMinterview

Blog & Go Contest Part 3: Interview the BOM winner! - Ranking Hero The buy-in for the Battle of Malta Main Eventwww.rankinghero.com

Hmmm.. Will need a bit help from you Annie, is that possible?

i have.......

Sure, @Papa of Poker - would love to help any way I can!

What is your quest?.. ;)

In this mission, we confront you with the great Phil Ivey who seems to see through your cards.Tell us your reaction!

You are in the Battle of Malta Main Event, Day 2.

You have 35 blinds. @Phil Ivey has just sat down at your table.



The dealer is kind to you and gives you K♥K♦.

You raise 2.5 BB from UTG.

Phil, UTG +1, calls and all the other players fold.


The flop reveals A♣K♠9♦.

You bet (bet size is up to you).


I bet 6bbs .... leaving 26.5bbs in my stack.


He looks at you with his famous inscrutable poker face and says out loud:

“I know you have a pair of Kings in hand.”


He stares at you for a few more seconds and pushes a pile of chips in.

“I raise”, he says. (About twice your bet.)




So if Phil really thought I had KK would he tell me?

Well if I think he thinks... I have KK then I fold ? Well that's a bit dumb of Phil to make me do that if he has AA... but wait... Phil's not dumb... Maybe he's drawing... maybe he is playing a jedi mind trick on me and wants me to fold... or maybe he just has top set after all!

I can't read the live tell so I decide to ignore it and am left with the reality of the situation at hand...

I have 26.5bbs. I have second set on the flop, and this was a single raised pot preflop...




Then suddenly realise what I've just done...


and start reaching for my autograph book.....

#RoadtoMalta #IveyRead 

haha, nice

thanks mate!

Phil just got in touch and invited me to take a look at his training site! So I guess he liked my entry

i didn't think I would actually get to speak to Phil Ivey during this hand for real ;)

Road To Malta - Mission: Ivey reads your mind!

 #RoadtoMalta #IveyRead 

My post has been published just slighlty later than everyone else as I wanted to see everyones response then give my opinion on the other option. Most people have elected to go for the all in. My post will tell you that why in the long run it will be less profitbale to do so.

Answer : This is very simple. Even though he stares me down and he says that he knows we have Kings in hand is simply just a scare tactic in order to try and make us fold the best hand.

Answer me this. If Phil had us beat and he wanted to extract as much value as possible. Would he try and make us fold a hand that he is ahead of?. All we do is sit back, be patient, keep calm and then just call. We will get the full double up in later streets and there is no point going all in as all you are going to make him do is fold the losing hand.

When I am collecting my chips when I have won the hand. I will be  feeling like Charlie Sheen #winning


Watch the video to see the song playing in my head at the time

>>> We are all Charlie Sheen #Winning <<<

Please like and if you have not already. Please follow my page 

Thoughts please? 

@Skilful @Ina Rkh @Nicolas Levi @William Calder @Emty @Rémi Rkh @Elena RKH @Annie RKH @Jonny2192 @John Thomson @John Harley @Queen B @Elaine Hutchison @Shyvatrip @B165L1Ck75 @DecoGTX 

Please can you also like this post to if you think I have a good opinion regarding my way to play the hand.

Mouahaha, like the video a lot! 

#IveyRead #RoadtoMalta 

I said what he is right, i have kings and if he has a raggy ace he is in big trouble I go All In !!!

GL queen B

#IveyRead  #RoadtoMalta 

I call

and I hope

hahahaha !! Well done, Johnny !! LOL

#iveyread #RoadtoMalta

And I Reraise All in... I not suffer your psychological pressure. 

at river I set my poker... I love this game

#RoadtoMalta and #IveyRead.

Ivey talking? Now I know this is some BS. Ivey barely talks at the table. Great player he may be but he will never win personality of the year! This must be a robot!!! A mechanically engineered bot with in built personality upgrade! It must still have Philip's poker skills though so to the hand...

We nknow these pro's are top notch at mind games. I'm never folding here as there is not alot that beats us. I feel if we shove we just confirm his read or even look stronger. I call to keep his bluffs in and see what he does on the turn. If he has flatted AA then gg!!