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31 years old now, university assistant professor, dedicated poker player, forum moderator on the Romanian community of PokerStrategy.com


Right now I play cash games, NL10, on 888 but I want to move up the poker ladder.

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Forum moderator for the Romanian community,
since Feb 2013
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J'ai reçu le cadeau de RKH. Je l'aime bien. Merci beaucoup!

In a 3bet pot, I get all-in with AA, against a hyper-aggro guy. He calls, because he flopped two pair. I suckout on him on the turn, with higher two pair, winning the pot. Very likely on tilt, he types in the chat box: You fish! I had two pair! Really? Why didn't you tell me before I get all-in?

Any soccer fans around? :)

Not a fan...sorry :) but interested to see who of the RankingHeroes is :)

yeah i am whats up mate what you want to know . if i can help i will buddy 

After September 7th, I will begin working with a coach. For the first time in my career. Me - excited.

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Do you have some goals in particuliar?

@Elena RKH  a coach from 2+2. Brian Spahn is his name :)

@Rémi Rkh yeah: to reach NL50 at first. Then... WSOP is the limit.

Keep us informed. Share your progress AND

Poker player begins travelling. Back in one week...

I just read an article, written by a pro poker player, about quitting poker and about the games are becoming tougher. Isn't that weird? Isn't much like Messi giving an interview in which he advises young children not to become soccer players?

 do you want to share this article with us? :) 

Sure, @Elena : http://thepokercapitalist.com/quitting-poker/

Thanks :)

It is better to let a guy believe that online poker is rigged than to explain him the fallacy of his belief.

888 bought bwin.party. Does this mean that more fish will come on 888? Or more regs?


Why did Partypoker sell bwin.party such a short time after they acquired it? Hmmm...

Yay! I won a RH patch. Now, all I need is to go to a live poker tournament to show off

+ to send me your addresse :) 

@Ina Rkh Lol! Nice one :))

@Elena RKH PM sent :)

Everybody says today that the online poker games are harder and the number of fish is slowly declining. I will not enter this debate, but a question bugs me:

Until what stakes is one expected, and/or expecting to find fish?

I doubt that we will see too soon rich people, clueless about poker, creating an account on Pokerstars and beginning to learn the game directly at NL200 6max.

Hey Zanardi, good question. i was chatting with my coach recently and asked him at mid stakes does most of his profit come from beating regs or from fish, and he said definately fish, profit in poker aways comes from fish. Maxaimum profit you might get from beating regs is very small compared to when fish are present and the good players will not even play each other unless a bad player is on the table and then they quickly fill up with a waiting list so there are just fewer fish as you move up but still present I would say.

I have started watching a good documentary recently called nosebleeds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ju_7_595mDE and
NOSEBLEED (English Version HD)Nosebleed is an exclusive documentary about the world of online high stake players, directed and produced by Victor Saumont, also known as « Tapis_volant » i...www.youtube.com

these guys play some of the highest stakes. When Gus Hanson was about they said they considered him to be a fish and made alot of money from him online, so even at the nosebleeds good players still find fish relative to their ability. You probabally need to be better all around as you move up, and a fish at a higher stake would be a good player maybe down at a lower stake, but there are still fishes at all the limits.

Also in that same documentary they say at one point they moved up from playing 5k buyin games to 20k buyins and the play was much worse at the 20k buyins!

Does that mean that there are also fish at the highest stakes?

Yes. Nosebleed games hardly ever run unless there is a "donator" that sits down. In the past it was Guy Laliberté and Andy Beal. Without the "whale", there's no incentive for the sharks to sit down. In live tourneys, it's millionaire businessmen like Bill Perkins or Talal Shakerchi (both of whom are not quite as bad at poker as some people think) that create an incentive for pros to play super high rollers. None of the regs have a big enough edge over other regs to beat the rake on their own. They need the fish to buy-in to create the "dead money".
Online, things are so bad on Pokerstars that players are seat-scripting and bum-hunting at 100NL FFS. Fortunately, there are other sites available where there is still a good rec:reg ratio. It's why there are people beating 200NL on Bovada, Unibet, 888 or SkyPoker, that would have trouble beating 25NL on Stars.