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WSOP Guessing Game: The Results

Thank you all for your participation in our WSOP Main Event Guessing Game.


And the winner is…

@Draw Dead with an amazing score of 103 points!

Congratulations, you win one of our brand new RKH T-shirts!

So new that they are still being made. So please, be patient, it will come soon


The other Top 10 are :

@Emty  95 points
@Farcas Paul  62 points
@Keith  54 points
@Jonny2192  54 points
@Skilful  54 points
@ArchyWraith  44 points
@Jason Kiselis  43 points
@Bestiz   33 points
@DecoGTX  33 points

You all win a RKH patch!


And the winners of the random draw are:

@Santo Abate , @online2014 , @Donatas , @djor , @Alessio Bianchi , @ovi10pkr , @Advoghado , @William Calder , @vatopkr , @Zanardi .

You all win a RKH patch!


Here are the correct answers:

How many entries ? 6420

How many Europeans will make it to the November Nine? 2

Will there be a sports star or show business celebrity among the November Nine? No

Who will be the highest ranking Brit at the beginning of Day 3? Charles Chattha (2nd: Louis Salter)

Will there be a HeroScore Top 20 influencer among the November Nine? No

How many female players will make it to the November Nine? 0

Will there be a pro with 5 million+ in live tournament winnings among the November Nine? No

What will be the average age of the November Niners? 35

What will be the bust-out hand of the bubble boy (or girl)? A♣K♥


Thank you for your participation.

And see you next week for a new mission!


Le yay!

Congrats @Draw Dead !

Thank Your RKH Team for the game!

Wow wow thanks a lot RKH Team 

nicce! thanks :)

Congrats all winners! Nice promo :)

Thank you,congrats all guys

Congrats to you all! :) Ready fo the new mission ?

It's here, a mystery hand plaied by our member Advoghado. You can win the new RankingHero T-shirt and a lot of goodies: http://www.rankinghero.com/en/hashtags/Mystery55.html 
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