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Mission UnibetBubble - RESULTS!

Hello All!

Sorry for the delay! Our judge @Nicolas Levi has been very busy with a gaming convention in Amsterdam. He is now in Barcelona (yes, life’s not easy for former poker pros), but once again, it’s for work.

He is sorry not to be able to post himself but he wants to thank you all for your participation!


No more suspense. Here come the results of the mission UnibetBubble!


And the winner is... @Bnasp!

Congratulations, you win €600 in Unibet tickets!



To the 9 other finalists:

@William Calder @Jonny2192 @Keith @Skilful @Ajax @Mathias Petit @grandad900 @Advoghado @ArchyWraith 

You all win €50 in Unibet tickets!



The jury special prize goes to:

@Jonny2192 who made us laugh with his impressive cartoons!

Congratulations! €150 more for you!


And here are the lucky random draw winners who each get €30:

@kristoffer skipper rasmussen @blucky111 @Sean Connor @Emty @Andrew Spiers @Noah Barnum @pazo @DecoGTX @Donatas @ovi10pkr @Core and @Magnus Svensson 


(If it's the first time you win a prize on RKH, please contact @Elena RKH or @Rémi Rkh with a private message for more info.)

Congratulations to you all!


We hope you enjoy our missions and count on you to spread the word :)


See you soon!


Congrats everybody who joined in with  a post or a like, double congrats if you binked a prize.

Super duper congrats @Bnasp for the big win, Have fun with it and build it up.

Well done me for the special jury prize

Congrats  everybody,and thanks rankinhero for random selectnice opportunity to level up my poker skills,good luck to all,see ya on unibet tables

uh thanks 

Congrats all! Amazing stuff once again :) :) :)

@Emty would be nice if you could get 30e every time you were bubbleboy  Glad you got a prize, Sure you were only a vote or 2 off tenth place.

Thanks  @Jonny2192  I'm happy that I'm here bublleboy,but not in main event on WSOP

Yea the 30e wouldnt be much consolation if you bubble the main event in the wsop :)

congrats to the winners (virtually all of us?) and especially @Jonny2192 for  the special jury prize. The comic strip for #decision6 was really creative.  


Thanks @Keith the comic was a fun project. I have a nice project for a future competition that I am saving.

Congrats everybody and thanks RankingHero Team  for this competition. You are cool!

Was hoping the results would have had an explanation from Nicholas to show  a pro would have approached each of these deisions showing his thought process , so we could all have learnt a bit and made us better poker players  in the future.

thanks :D

Actually @Keith, that's what we do at the end of this kind of missions. But @Nicolas Levi's schedule these days didn't help.

Congratulations everyone! Thanks for a great competition Ranking Hero :)

Thanks @Nicolas Levi for fitting the judging in amongst the million other things you must be doing with RH and Heroscore, it can't have been easy!!

Congratulations all! and thanks @Nicolas Levi  and all @RKH Team for promotion! 

Can you give me MTT tickets please? If you can't whats okSorry for my ask.

@Emty You can always change tickets in the 2+2 unibet thread.

Can you tell me more details?@Jonny2192  please

@Emty  sent you a message with the links/info.

Thank you Unibet and Ranking Hero. Appreciate it. Well done everyone.

Thanks @Jonny2192 

Wow, thank you very much.

Im on the road now, so hopefully get back fast to my gaming comp.

Ha finally, the winner shows up!

GG man! And be safe on the road. You're not supposed to be on Internet while driving !

thanks, congrats all !!!

Hey Hey RankingHeroes,

Just to inform you that all the tickets have been credited on your Unibet accounts :)

Hey,hey I'm going to use them

@Emty think to share some screenshots with us :P

I'll try

I play a litlle later, i want exchange my cach tickets to MTT's, if it is possible

@Elena RKH - Excuse me, where I find my winnings? I watched Unibet account and I do not receive anything. Thank you

@pazo normally you have received the unibet tickets on your account. Tickets in 2/4 euros the total value for you is 30.

@Elena RKH - Thank you. Now I'm looking Unibet account and tickets came. 3x € 10. Thank you very much.
I have a question - Plans tournament at Unibet? I'd like played with people from RankingHero

tickets received thanks unibet and Rankinghero.


I got 50e cash game tickets. Looks like I have to move up in limits. Lets hope I wont be back to micro limits too fast.

Thanks RankingHero

Tickets received thank you all team @RKH 

There's my beautifuls

thanks for tickets. Have to play them today and tomorrow. GL all with your tickets.