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Waiting for a friend to arrive,  enjoying a victory drink 

Yes didn't take me long to get here 


Have a great week everyone



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That pub looks nice! Congrats

Thanks both! Yes nice, they had tennis to my right in the photo on a big screen with volume down and some music in background, so hard to find a pub with music these days! Was sensible only stayed out for a few hours, and no hang over this morning  so I can crack on with poker today :)

Thanks for sharing, @Skilful very very cool, ..a question: alcoholic drink? 

Battle of Malta mission: the results!


One lucky RankingHero member will fly off to Malta for the Battle of Malta Main Event!

Congratulations to our five finalists
@John Harley, @B165L1Ck75@Paul Lambert@Skilful and @Mark Duguid.  

Four of you will get RKH card decks and one will be taking the RKH patch to Malta. Here is our judge, @Nicolas Levi, announcing the winner:


The €1,500 VIP package for the 2015 PokerListings Battle Of Malta includes:

5 nights at the 5-Star Hilton Hotel

Sunday “After Battle” Prosecco Breakfast at Hilton

€550 Main Event buy-in with €500,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool

Daily buffet at the Portomaso Casino for tournament players

Ticket to VIP Opening Cocktail Party, complimentary welcome drink

Ticket to All-in Friday event

Ticket to BOM Official VIP Player Party



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By the way amigos, there was a random draw for people who shared our visuals on the social medias. And the winner is @Richard Atkinson! Congratulations, you win a RKH patch!

Congrats skilful, the hand was actually really cool.

#HandMalta #BOMriver 
FOLD FOR ME BUT IT 's vilain BET in thé turn 12k
i FOLD ta turn 

#HandMalta #BOMriver 

I just fold 

#HandMalta  #BOMriver 
river : better fold

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спасибо Лена ;) 

The mission #HandMalta is now over!


The mission #HandMalta is now over! Thank you all for playing!


The 5 finalists are:

@John Harley 


@Paul Lambert 


And @Mark Duguid 


Congratulations! Our judge @Nicolas Levi will now read all your posts. He will reveal the name of the winner tonight during our Twitch Poker Show here, starting at 7.30pm (UK) on http://www.twitch.tv/rankinghero!


It was a real pleasure for all of us to read your posts. So, we decided to give a RKH patch to many of you!

    - The Top 10 in the general "likes ranking":

           - > The Top 5 already tagged above + @Andrea Stellato@Emty@Jason Kiselis@William Calder and @Monsturrrr!


    - And 7 members designated by a random draw: @DecoGTX@Farcas Paul@Marius Cristian@djor@Nels Peterson , @Sean Connor and @Sasha Manns!!




Join us on Twitch at 7.30pm (UK) to discover soon who wins the €1,500 package for Battle of Malta!!!     



#HandMalta #BOMriver

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I was just thinking about you saying RKH would send me a patch @Elena RKH ... did I have to give my address when I signed up? If I did, then I would have obv, I just don't remember having to so wasn't sure how you'd send me a patch

@Paul Lambert it is planned to contact you tomorrow morning Paul :P But you can already send me your address in a private message :)

Sent you a PM ^

Yo Rakinghero just half a day or so to go! That leadboard i've just found for the competition is on fire!

Looks like there's a massive gap formed between the top and the bottom. Well i'm fighting for my spot in the top 5 and then it's all over to the roll of the dice and the judges!

it has been a lot of fun, it's absorbed me lately and now i'm just trying to edge into the top 5 spots (well im already there but it's close im fighting for 5th right now!)

FB message is out, Twitter message is out. I just spent last hour emailing/phoning people (some of whom I havent seen for about 5 years lol!) and now i think i've done all i can.

So all that remains is for me to wish every single one of you good luck! It's been a real blast.

Now I'm looking forward to Monday's Bet365 competiton!



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oh cool yeah i was looking at difference between 4th and 5th place but i need to look at 5th and 6th maybe will be ok then! will be nice to be in the running hopefully i stay in!

It's not going to be judged on likes, each member of the top 5 has the same chance :)
Niw I'm off to read all entries and deliberate with myself :) GL

Good luck mate


#HandMalta #BOMriver

i said re-raise all-in preflop...so let's see the showdown:)

#HandMalta & ##BOMriver

Bad news for us on river :( we have invested half from our stack but unfortunately the river  doesn't come what we need ... I will definetively fold in this situation because in the villain range can be anytime one spade card, even a 2 of spades... we still have more than 30bb so we can do it .... Let's go and make some chips...