PokerListings Battle of Malta
PokerListings Battle of Malta
PokerListings Battle of Malta
Casino at Portomaso
Tuesday 3 November 2015 - Monday 9 November 2015
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The mission #HandMalta is now over!


The mission #HandMalta is now over! Thank you all for playing!


The 5 finalists are:

@John Harley 


@Paul Lambert 


And @Mark Duguid 


Congratulations! Our judge @Nicolas Levi will now read all your posts. He will reveal the name of the winner tonight during our Twitch Poker Show here, starting at 7.30pm (UK) on http://www.twitch.tv/rankinghero!


It was a real pleasure for all of us to read your posts. So, we decided to give a RKH patch to many of you!

    - The Top 10 in the general "likes ranking":

           - > The Top 5 already tagged above + @Andrea Stellato@Emty@Jason Kiselis@William Calder and @Monsturrrr!


    - And 7 members designated by a random draw: @DecoGTX@Farcas Paul@Marius Cristian@djor@Nels Peterson , @Sean Connor and @Sasha Manns!!




Join us on Twitch at 7.30pm (UK) to discover soon who wins the €1,500 package for Battle of Malta!!!     



#HandMalta #BOMriver

Thanks and good luck to finalists

So i have a chance to won the package?

Cool, I've been having a week or so break from poker but I'm back on the grind tonight so ill stick the twitch on my 2nd monitor.

Gl all finalists, and ty RKH for the patch

LOL whoever chosed those finalists :)

Thanks for the patch but the likes ranking was a bias choice to choose best strategy

I was just thinking about you saying RKH would send me a patch @Elena RKH ... did I have to give my address when I signed up? If I did, then I would have obv, I just don't remember having to so wasn't sure how you'd send me a patch

@Paul Lambert it is planned to contact you tomorrow morning Paul :P But you can already send me your address in a private message :)

Sent you a PM ^