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Mission UnibetBubble on RKH - €1,500

Welcome to this new Unibet mission!

Every 2 days until the 30th of June, a new poker question will be asked. 


#UnibetBubble #Decision1 


Imagine: You are close to the bubble in the Unibet Open Cannes. There are only 3 players to bust out before getting to the money!


We will ask you to tell us your strategy in the situations we will give you in order to reach the bubble with the most comfortable stack possible.


 €1,500 up for grabs!!! 




1st decision:


The blinds are 500/1000.

A player just sat at the table with a 43 BB stack. In middle position, he limps in.

Everyone else folds to you, in the cut-off.

You have 37 BB in front of you and A♣7♠ in your hands.

What do you do?


Give your answer before Friday afternoon.


Answer IN A NEW POST (not in comments below this one) with the hashtags #UnibetBubble and #Decision1.

Our judge @Nicolas Levi will select the winner among the 10 members who get the most total likes on all of their mission posts.



We will also give away some Unibet.com tickets in random draws for all the contestants.

To get more chances to win one (or many), ask a friend to come and participate in the mission. At the beginning of his/her post, your friend has to tag you.

For each participation post you are tagged in, you win one more chance in the random draw.

     1. Invite a friend to participate the mission.
     2. Your friend tags you in his participation post.
     3. For each friend of you playing the mission, you get more chances to win tickets!


Good luck!


#UnibetBubble #Decision1



Hi @Donatas, answer in a new post to participate

@Skilful  show your skills :))))

@Elena RKH  haha thanks i will try ty for reminder


 Hoping to see @Nicolas Levi doing a twitch stream for the Unibet mission, the last one was fun.

Sorry @Elena RKH I have tied @Skilful up and locked him in a cupboard  

Just can not compete with his writing skills, so have taken drastic measures to give us mere mortals a chance at one the competitions.  



Good luck @Jonny2192 !

@Skilful Good luck(seeing as you have escaped the cupboard)

@Emty @Павел Капранов @Christopher Corner ready it your decisions ? :))) Come on, a new Mission with 1500 euros to win is here :) I challenge you to participate