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John Harley
26 Aug 2015
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#Aspers88  First hand... Really??? Shiiiiiiiiit  im a firm believer of poker tells at a live table. There's no faulting human nature. We naturally give off information without even realising it. ... Read more
John Harley
13 Jun 2015
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#OMG365  through my love of poker I run two poker clubs in Glasgow. One at the Bon Accord and one at kudos bar. I always like to keep the game interesting so I run a league and give out card guards... Read more
John Harley
28 May 2015
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#HandMalta #BOMflop  Ahhh being close to the money bubble will make those not experienced turn into survival mode and the pro sharks begin to circle smelling blood in the water with a view to... Read more
John Harley
30 May 2015
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#HandMalta #BOMriver  Now the 2h (BRICK!!!) hits the river. Now in this spot being first to act has its advantages. He shoves the entire stack. Any spade beats you here and could easily have a Ace... Read more
John Harley
29 May 2015
Like (69) RKH (0)
#HandMalta #BOMflop So 4th spade now hits the turn and the Swedish pro now opts to check. My instinct here is to check back and see the river for free. Again the money bubble looms and no need to... Read more