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through my love of poker I run two poker clubs in Glasgow. One at the Bon Accord and one at kudos bar. I always like to keep the game interesting so I run a league and give out card guards to the winners. I also arrange free drinks from the pub if you have your aces cracked or you win a pot by bluffin with 72 off suit. Which leads me to my spectacular hand.

apologies it's not on 365 as I'm a new member having signed up via Ranking hero a short while ago.

so blinds are 100/200 I've got my starting stack of 5k and I'm in the small blind everyone has folded I look at my cards and and stare at 7c2h and think you dancer! Free drink coming right up! So I raise to 600. BB isn't budging and re raises to 1300. I pause and think need to rep I'm super strong here and reraise to 2700. BB plays with his chips and I'm screaming JUST FOLD inside my head. Slowly the BB reaches for his chips again and I'm like NOOOOOOOoooooooooo.... And he flat Calls.

i immediately regret trying to get involved in this hand for the sake of a free pint of beer...

FLOP : 777

OMG I literally just flopped the world! The absolutely stone cold nuts! I shove my remaining stack as my bluff hand now became a value bet hand. SNAP call from the BB showing KK. Turn and River were bricks. BB starts cursing me to hell. No free pint but a nice healthy stack! 

so suffice to say I probably could do with the training lol