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Ahhh being close to the money bubble will make those not experienced turn into survival mode and the pro sharks begin to circle smelling blood in the water with a view to keeping maximum pressure whilst stealing the blinds and antes.

I now find myself in a hand with 2014 WSOP main event winner Martin Jacobson who i just witness bluff 20% of his stack in a river bluff two hands earlier, raises to 5000. Ive got the button ive got position and I look at my hand... KhKd.

Not wanting this hand to go like my first marriage, starts all good with holding hands only to lose my chips in the divorce. I three bet to 12k and see where I am at. Martin calls.

Flop QsKs7s

Martin fires a continuation bet of 12k. With alot getting there in his range I opt for pot control and call the 12k and access my options on the turn.

If another spade comes out im folding like a Oragami master, blessed that my tournament life is still in tact with a good stack left behind me. As being close to the bubble lesser stacks are most likely to bow out. If board goes on to pair then i'm taking a trip down to value town. Either way position is everything in a hand like this. If the turn is a blank I will access the bet size that Martin would make and make a decision if the pot odds are there to call.

good luck m8. 

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Good Luck, hope you win