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First hand... Really??? Shiiiiiiiiit 

im a firm believer of poker tells at a live table. There's no faulting human nature. We naturally give off information without even realising it. 

The pots just over 2k and he goes all in messy splashing the pot. Not even remaining seated but chooses to get up in my mince (Scottish slang for in my face) his posture and behaviour is all wrong and come across as weak. But this is the first hand and I haven't yet had the chance to assess his table image.

this leads me to the cards. You have the third nuts at moment only AA and 99 are beating you hear. If he had them he would be going for value Not donk shoving over a 80k stack to win over 2k. With two hearts maybe he has a draw but odds are still in your favour. Even if it was a straight flush draw you still don't commit a stack like that.

its a £200 buy in I am not folding I'm going with my gut that he is weak and just trying to assertive himself as table captain to make players wary.

so I look him straight back in the eye and say call the word echoing in my ear as I throw my cards on their back. Everything is now in slow motion as I keep my eyes on his face so I can see the squirming frown or elation that will let me know if my call was good or bad.

This is then sending a message to rest of table that I'm the captain here!



1st participant for this mission - well done :)

Thanks :)

Love it Harley


That is actually precisely how you would play that too