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Aspers Summary

I lost.

Thanks for reading 


The first few levels nothing special happened, I built up to 250k and cant really think of any special hands on the way there.

I flopped a couple of straights and just bet 3/4 pot on turn and river and got calls on both all the way to showdown are two that I remember but they werent massive pots.

It was just a slow gradual climb.

There was one big jump when I picked up QQ, there was a 4x or 5x raise before me which I called. Flop came JJx, villian bets big, I call. The bet seemed too big for him having the J.

He fired again on the turn, which was another card under the J. I called again

A blank came on the river, villain fires hist last 20/30k in to the pot, I call again, no way I could put my hand down now there was too much in the middle and if I had misread that he had the Jack then so be it.

Villian showd 55, I show my QQ and happily scopp the 200k+ from the middle.

Then I picked up AA, raised to 3x, got 2 callers,flop T9x 2 of one suit, first to act I bet 13k,call, then a push all in.

I tanked here for what seemed to be hours,I was putting vilian on JJ+, possible flush draw but I was blocking the nut flush with one of my Aces, possible straight draw had he had been known to call raise with semi connected,suited cards. I gave a set less value because I wouldnt normally expect a shove with a set.

Also the player to act after me was aggro and would play ATC even to big raises, so I thought it possible the bet was possibly to protect a top pair/over pair.

I eventually called and villain turned TT for top set. bye bye 140k.(should have realised that he would have shoved the set to protect from the aggro player) 

Few hands later I pick up 66 in the big blind, two limpers. So I shove I get one caller. AQ vs 66.

The villian hits his A on the turn, I shake his hand thinking he has me covered but I had 13.5k left.

The next hand I pick up 95s, there are 2 or 3 limpers, so going purely for value. I push my last few k into the middle. Everyone calls.

Flop 678 at this stage I jump on the table and do a little jig.(well in my head anyway) My 95s holds up and I get a nice quadruple up.

Next bit of luck I have is the next orbit on my BB, I look down at A3s I decide there and then that its going in when its me to act, 

It folds round to the button(which is Lee) he limps and the SB pushes, I am putting him on any broadway,Kx even Qx obviously Ax, I make the call he turns A7.

First card on the flop is my 3 which holds to the river and doubles me up.(fely a bit guilty about this one but I did feel I was ahead to a lot of his range)


Next hand which I feel is a really big hand and would have made a lot of difference.

There is one caller, the gentleman who I just sucked out on pushes, I look down on AK and partly because of the agro player to my direct right who is still to act and  partly to give the guy I sucked out on a bit more of a chance, I push all in.

The player who called tanks for maybe 10 minutes,maybe longer eventually he decides to fold.

We all turn over, cant remember what the guy who is all in had, but the guy who folded shows QQ.

The flop comes QTx which would have gave hime the set, turn brings a J giving me the straight.

A call there would have put me at 300k or maybe if I played it too agressively, I dont know but I know I was avoiding getting in pots with the agro player, I had seen hi lm take down some big pots with total bluffs or flopping weird 2 pairs etc.


At this stage we are at level 11 its been a long day.

Again my BB  Lee raises to 8K SB calls, I call with Kxs,

flop comes Qxx with 2 of my suit, Gets to the SB and he shoves all in.

and this is where I decide to gamble and make the call(I had maybe 150k and if I was going to come back for day 2, I felt I needed at least have 300k to be in with a chance to rech the cash), I think the guy is pushing with a one pair hand or is holding 2 low hearts.

Lee folds and shows his J9of Hearts, SB shows Ax of Hearts, Feeling a bit sick now.

I watch the cards come and hope for anything to pair my hand, it doesnt and I head home :)

In retrospect I should of waited for a better spot but sometimes moments of madness pay and most of the time they dont.

I had a great day out, enjoyed my game and played good enough in the first half of the tournament, The AA I should have folded and I think after that hand it had an effect on play.

Thanks RKH for the oppurtunity to play, this was 20x my normall buy in for live poker MTTs

and it was nice to meet a fellow RKHer while there.


Obviously I will be going to extreme efforts in competitions involving live MTTs so I can relive the experience and maybe be a bit better prepared next time.


One thing I did notice which suprised me was that I was expecting all the players too be all semi-pro at the least but I could picture some people from the pub game I normally play at, in  some of the other players at the table.


i.e. I will keep betting till they fold guy with ATC, No way I am folding any Ace preflop regardless of the raise amount guy etc.


If this a similar field everytime, I think any player with at least ABC knowledge of poker could reach the cash, so I would recomend the Aspers 88 to any RKHer and would say the 88k starting stack gives you a lot of play.







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@Rémi Rkh Hope so, I enjoyed the event and had a chat with a few players. I like that the competitions give people a chance to try an event that may not be in there bankroll(because I am sure we are all sensible poker players and follow BRM) 

Because of this competition win, I am now going to try and sattelite my way into the Unibet game at Aspers which I wouldnt normally do.

I was taking to Lee at the table about Rankinghero and we both recomended to the other players at the table that they should give RKH a look. 

yeah after i got my badge quite a few people asked about RH, could do with some more gear for when we play live again :)

Thanks for that guys  We are preparing some more goodies, but it's still a secret. I could get fired for revealling this.

Aspers88: And the winners are…

It’s been great to read all the finalists’ posts in this #Aspers88 mission!

But a choice had to be made.

The 2 winners of a £200 buy-in for the £25,000 GTD Aspers Super88 are:


He treated us with a video judged by @Nicolas Levi as: “Amazing!!! Simply amazing :)

Here it is.



And @John Thomson

The whole jury enjoyed it a lot!




Congratulations to both of you. And see you this weekend at Aspers Stratford! ;)

Thanks everyone for playing this game, and see you soon!



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@Lee AJ Champion I am table 7 seat 6.

I finished day 1 with 440k (arouund average) 

If you are playing today and want a #luckypatch , just ask the poker deck.

GL everyone

@Pedro Canali Good luck to you and @Lee AJ Champion I should have been on the final day, need to learn to be able to put AA down.

Aspers88: Results


The Aspers88 mission is over!

The jury will now chose the winners. The results will be published tomorrow.


The 10 finalists are:

@Deuces 8 
@William Calder 
@Mark Duguid 
@John Thomson 
@Santo Abate 
@Lee AJ Champion 


Thanks to you all for your participation!

We hope you enjoyed it.

See you tomorrow!


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who where the lucky winners then!?


Well it's clear this guy loves poker, anyone that can only get animated and smile because the cards have been dealt and not by the other players courtesy is there just for the game for sure. He loves having to stack his chips all the time and will push them in with everything from his elbows to his lunch time club sandwich because that’s part of the fun for him and will probably know the nosiest chip flares know to the modern world of poker like the "choking on the 10K chip that you threw in the air to catch in your teeth" & "stacking all your chips like the Eifel Tower and knocking them over with your head grabbing your mobile to take a picture" That aside he is astutely aware of his transcendence from the mere low levels of poker to the 4th & 5th order Zen like strategy of HOLY SH*T I GOT A MONSTER DRAW I'M ALL IN!!!!

I fold, probably with the best hand but against the draws that will be in his range it's not worth committing a big early stack to. Unless Ina & Elena are holding a truth or dare competition in the bar at the time including free beer which I will be Scotty Nguyen to " You call and it's all over baby!"  

wow it's hot :) just 2 hours before the end of the competiton :)))) Thanks Wynford for your participation.

I fold - no point being a hero on the first hand.



Fair enough!

t's the first hand what can possibably go wrong.....You've gotta call right? Well maybe ask if there is a rebuy option, then check the ole banking app on your phone you know just in case, but hold on you have already flopped a set oooh but there are 2 hearts on the table what if he turns or rivers a flush how embarrasing to go out on the first hand.... ah bugger it CALLL #Aspers88

Seems to me it's a snap call and if your wrong then you can spend the rest of the day getting drunk #Aspers88

 good one

I call



you keep it short and simple :D :)



Sitiation is clear. He is not a pro. He is just going crazy, thinking that this will helo him.. Just a mask. I am the one whos goin to win this pot, so I bet. Lets see this guy..

hahah maan I love the gif

 haha elcome back @Faber 12 :P it's been awhile 


Lets see ....

I will take some time to think. This may be bluff, I need to put some pressure on the guy..

Its clear. He insane. I go all in..
AND I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



 niiice :)