PokerListings Battle of Malta
PokerListings Battle of Malta
PokerListings Battle of Malta
Casino at Portomaso
Tuesday 3 November 2015 - Monday 9 November 2015
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Battle of Malta's Mystery Hand - Win a €1,500 package!

Hi Ranking Heroes,


All this week and this week only, we invite you to play an imaginary hand with us.

Every afternoon, we shall reveal a new street, and you’ll have 24 hours to tell us what you would do.

Our judge @Nicolas Levi will evaluate the 5 members who get the most likes on the total of their posts (meaning if you arrive late or miss one street, you still have a shot).




The best entry will get a €1,500 VIP package for the 2015 PokerListings Battle Of Malta

5 nights at the 5-Star Hilton Hotel

Sunday “After Battle” Prosecco Breakfast at Hilton

€550 Main Event buy-in with €500,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool

Daily buffet at the Portomaso Casino for tournament players

Ticket to VIP Opening Cocktail Party, complimentary welcome drink

Ticket to All-in Friday event

Ticket to BOM Official VIP Player Party


Here is the hand:

Imagine you’re in Malta playing the 2015 PokerListings Battle of Malta. Lucky you!

You are close to the bubble.
The blinds are 1,000/2,000/200.



Everyone folds to the player in middle position. He’s an aggressive Swedish pro, with 136,250 chips, and he raises to 5,000. Two hands earlier, the villain lost 20% of his stack on a bluff on the river.

You’re on the button with K♥K♦ and a stack of 130,500.



What do you do?


Make your move and share in a post with the 2 hashtags #HandMalta & #BOMpreflop.


Next step revealed thursday afternoon!


Good luck!

cool promo thanks !

min click back #HandMalta & #BOMpreflop

If he's swedish then he can do nothing against THE DANE KING 

I raise to 13k. Put the blinds off and look for a re raise. #HandMalta   #BOMpreflop 

Analysis for pre flop  is done and have shared the post on Facebook, Twtter and Google+..  Good Luck to all taking part and if you wish to see my thoughts please check it out on my page by clicking HERE

@Cardansco i think u need to post man, comment is not enough lol



Dane king suited is right, you need to publish your choice on your own blog ;). Come on it's super easy ;)

raise 11200 

#HandMalta & #BOMpreflop

re-raise 12,700 in total.

Can someone let me know if the promotion will include flights to Malta or will we have to sort that out for ourselves ? Thanks. @Adrien Bacchi @Elena RKH @Nicolas Levi @Rémi Rkh @Ina Rkh @Annie RKH 

No idea, if it includes flights but most are probably heading there anyway Iwould think


ALL IN , best way for RESPECT

#HandMalta #BOMpreflop 

all in or go home sleep and leave the table  #HandMalta  #BOMpreflop 

I'm that close to the bubble I just call, slow play and bust him when he bets. If an ace comes off then no harm no foul I still cash. Weak play but at least I cash!!!! #HandMalta #BOMpreflop

I would re-raise it to 12.5K #HandMalta  #BOMpreflop 

@pcgnome @Timothy Hardin @LGMD2A @Paulo Tavares @Jason Kiselis @ovi10pkr thank you all for your comments! 
Please notice that you need to  post on your own blogs to participate in the mission and accumulate likes! :)
Good luck!

You've been a lot to play on this mission, so you have 24 more hours to get likes for this 1st step! The FLOP will be revealed tomorrow!

3bet to 14k #HandMalta #BOMrpeflop

Hi Nigel. To play this mission, you need to make a post to explain us your strategy  Not just a comment

Well i like to 3bet to that amount because it's 1) not a min-click 2) It's the right size if he chooses to 4bet and with him being a  aggro swede that is possible #HandMalta #BOMrpeflop 

I mean, to get likes, you have to make a post withe those hashtags, not just answer in comment

Would bet 18k .......has he last a stack and he his agressive i think he will try to outplay me on this...hope he raises......#HandMalta #BOMpreflop 

#HandMalta #BOMpreflop 

ok thank you #googletranslante for help me lol

i call the raise off suedois a 5K for CATCH 

I Call


Thank you all for playing that mission. This one is over but there is another one ongoing now.

A mystery hand, too, but with a much funnier context. And €900 to win for the Top 16 contestants!

Hope you'll enjoy it


Mission #OOPS365 - €900 to win! - Ranking HeroHello Ranking Heroes!Bet365 organizes for you a festival with 2 missions and a Cup.www.rankinghero.com

o my mission...