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Alexandre Panciera

is an up-and-coming poker enthusiast and key contributor

Poker Score: 1,050

Popularity: 29,154

Contribution: 92,354

Team Player
Infinite Patience
Iron Man
About Alexandre Panciera


After being graduated in HR management and competitive intelligence, I've started to work as project manager for the affiliate platform Rentabiliweb. 

After two years, I've created my company in 2007 with my friends and partners Adrien Bacchi and Laurent Gomez.

Since then, our adventures keep going!

Jobs & Achievements


Mes parties privées entre ami,
since Apr 2014
Chief Marketing Officer,
since May 2012
since May 2012
Caesars Entertainment Corporation,
since Jun 1999

Latest club results

Online activity
Online RoomStatusLevel and Game
1,000,000 XP (LVL 11)

Best club results

50 Poi.

Rank: 2 / 5
RKH HomeGame W10 2015
Mar 6, 2015
Tournament Results
18th of april rebuy
Season 1 - 2014-2015 - MonaLisa Fest !

Apr 18, 2015

11 Poi.

9 / 20

28th of november rebuy
Season 2 - 2015-2016 - MonaLisa Fest !

Nov 28, 2015

11 Poi.

9 / 18

Latest online results

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Well played, Alexandre Panciera! Your 9th place finish in the Season 2 - 2015-2016 - MonaLisa Fest ! 28th of november rebuy event on Nov 28, 2015 at Mona Lisa club added 11 Points to your total earnings!
Track your performance and keep it up!

Félicitations Alexandre Panciera pour avoir terminé 9e et gagné $11 lors du tournoi 18th of april rebuy !
GG !


Pure luck at the river... 5 times 

I upset a lot of people, I loved it 

Happy Easter to our hortodox member

The new RankingHero mobile version has been released. 

We've improved the user interface in order to enhance the posting / commenting / reading interactions. 

If your smartphone is less than 3/4 years old, everything should be smooth and far much better than the previous mobile version. 

Please report any glitch or problems that you may encounter during your mobile experience. 

Félicitations Alexandre Panciera pour avoir terminé 2e et gagné 50 Points lors du tournoi RKH HomeGame W10 2015 !
GG !


Smiley pack 2 is live

Howdy fellas, 

A brand new smiley pack is now available. You can find the all the shortcuts in the pictures below.


Smiley Attack

Let it Smile

A small step for the web but a big step for RankingHero.

RankingHero Science is proud to announce that the brand new smileys are available.

And to bring life and joy to your post, all the shortcuts available :

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Expect me to use them. A big fan of emoticons here!


je preferais les autre