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Beyond Poker

From the moment we launched, people have told us that what we do in poker would be needed in other areas. We've always seen ourselves as a technology company, launching in comic books in 2010, poker in 2013. Today we're confident our framework and strategy are mature enough to succeed in verticals like esports, fantasy, trading, sports leagues, working with the right partners.

Our mission is to build & engage communities in several verticals, providing our innovative platform as a white-label provider.

Brands need communities to stay relevant

There is a consensus that online communities are important for reach & engagement. As Facebook offers a low touch point & fast diminishing organic reach, most companies know their core offering should become "social". It's become crucial to generate positive conversation with and between customers.

This is, however, easier said than done:

  • Forums attracts trolls. The result can be an elitist community that makes beginners feel unwelcome or worse, damage the reputation of the brand.
  • Communities demand a personal relationship and dedicated staff to constantly engage, monitor, help out.
  • Even then, it seems impossible to measure a social ROI for social efforts.

This is probably why most companies are stuck at the "wish" phase and miss out on customer insight, user generated content, improved reputation & retention.

Reinventing the way we connect with users

Our platform is a hybrid focused on engagement & conversion around branded content. Part CMS, part Social Network, part events manager and CRM tool. It comes with a dedicated team of community managers that will help our partners grow sustainable communities, and measure ROI against well defined KPIs.

Communities that don't bring unique value to their users cannot compete against Facebook or Reddit. We're all about innovation: in 2015 we brought to life Habitat, a gamification system with meaning, and HeroScore, the first social ranking for poker, featured in all major poker media.

Social capital matters: we're very proud to see HeroScore nominated for Innovation of the Year at the IGB Awards.

A major turn

Forbes estimates than 80% for Fortune 500 will have their own community within 2 years. iGaming has always been an agent for change and embraced new trends.

We feel ideally positioned to lead this change in our industry and would love to hear your ideas and work together on delivering the best user experiences.

Special welcome to everyone joining us from Tallinn and the @Cash Game Festival

Good luck and lots of winning 7-2's on your way to the next Cash Game Festival stop with a free stay in London :)

So how do you win your two nights in London? There are two ways to claim your prizes…

Prize 1

Is a unique prize for players on the LIVE-streamed TV table

  • The player that wins the highest amount of big blinds no matter the buyin level gets this prize


Prize 2

Is a prize for all cashgame tables involved in the Cash Game Festival

  • The player that wins the most amount of big blinds with the premium hand 7-2 (seven deuce) gets the honor of winning prize number 2
  • Winning a hand with 7-2 requires the player to call floor and register the winnings
  • Every winning hand with 7-2 gets a deck of cards from RankingHero

Win two nights in London with RankingHero - CashGameFestivalsWe are getting closer and closer to kickoff time here at Olympic Casino, for the last Cash Game Festival of this year. Located on the bottom floor of Radisson Blu Olümpia in the heart of Tallinn, we are eagerly awaiting people from over 10 countries to join us for five days of cards and fun. Everyone attending and playing have the chance to compete for two prizes for the next festival in London (dates to be released soon). Since the prizes are courtesy of our media partner RankingHero, you have to make sure you sign up for an account to be eligble to win. It’s easy, it’s free and it also a great and growing poker community. You have absolutely nothing to lose! Just go to http://www.rankinghero.com and press the red button saying “Join” in the upper right corner on the webpage. Or grab one of our two hostesses helping us during the week walking around with an Ipad, and they will gladly help you with the signup process. So how do you win? Well there are two ways to claim your prizes… Prize #1 Is a unique prize for players on the LIVE-streamed TV table The player that wins …www.cashgamefestival.com

The Perfect City Break for Poker Players in November: Tallinn Cash Game Festival - Ranking HeroHere comes a rare live event tailored to the taste of flexibility- and freedom-loving cash game specialists - the Cash Game Festival Tallinn 2015. Combine pleasure with more pleasure and make time for a poker holiday in Estonia’s capital, Tallinn!www.rankinghero.com

Dear Heroes,


After the recent events in Paris, we first of all hope that you are safe and healthy. That your family and friends are safe and healthy.


We wish to express our support to all the people who were affected by this tragedy.


The main message we’ve been hearing in the past days has been to keep on living, keep on laughing, and keep on playing.

This is why RankingHero decided to go on, too. To share your bad beats, your good runs, your passion.


RankingHero wishes you to keep on living your passion for as long as your heart desires!



The team