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So the 3 month total so far is: over ~150k hands

Unibet cash bankroll: $613.33

Full Tilt Mtt bankroll:  $167.56

Total bankroll:            $780.89


I'm quite happy with my 3 month progress. I'm now playing 12nl cash and have a profitable mtt graph even if my ROI is sitting at 338%.

In terms of setting some goals for the next 3 months. I would like to increase my total bankroll to ~$3000 and increase the volume of mtt's I play. I would like to play some live tournaments but with the closest tournaments being in Dublin I can't afford the expenditure unless I can satellite in.

I would like to include more hand reviews each week, the only problem is the Unibet software makes reviewing hands extremely difficult. I may try and record each of my poker sessions so I can't review them at a later date.

Well done, Milo! So in three months will check if the new goals are achieved :)))

Seriously +EV, it looks like. Well done, are you taking some coaching? If you're recording sessions don't hesitate to share interesting hands with us, always happy to chat strategy with RankingHero members!

Cheers guys! I'm glad I have Ranking Hero to post on. Keep up the good work! I'm not currently getting any coaching but I may look into it when I move up to the higher stakes.