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Milo "Opteryx" Stynes

Amateur 6 max cash/low stakes mtt player

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Hi @Milo "Opteryx" Stynes I saw your name in the Unibet Freeroll. Did you check the Fun Mission "Share your setup"


So the 3 month total so far is: over ~150k hands

Unibet cash bankroll: $613.33

Full Tilt Mtt bankroll:  $167.56

Total bankroll:            $780.89


I'm quite happy with my 3 month progress. I'm now playing 12nl cash and have a profitable mtt graph even if my ROI is sitting at 338%.

In terms of setting some goals for the next 3 months. I would like to increase my total bankroll to ~$3000 and increase the volume of mtt's I play. I would like to play some live tournaments but with the closest tournaments being in Dublin I can't afford the expenditure unless I can satellite in.

I would like to include more hand reviews each week, the only problem is the Unibet software makes reviewing hands extremely difficult. I may try and record each of my poker sessions so I can't review them at a later date.

Well done, Milo! So in three months will check if the new goals are achieved :)))

Seriously +EV, it looks like. Well done, are you taking some coaching? If you're recording sessions don't hesitate to share interesting hands with us, always happy to chat strategy with RankingHero members!

Cheers guys! I'm glad I have Ranking Hero to post on. Keep up the good work! I'm not currently getting any coaching but I may look into it when I move up to the higher stakes.

3 month grindiversary today! Hoping for a heater of a day!

 Let's make it double :) GL for the next 240 000 000 000 :)

So, Just over a week ago I lost about 10% of my bankroll in 20 minutes which put my plans of moving up stakes on the backburner.

It took the next 4 days to recouperate the damage and put me where I was when I planned on moving up stakes. Although I was worried about moving up stakes. If I hit a bit of varience and start playing scared I could undo 2 weeks of grinding.

I moved up stakes 4 days ago from the 4NL tables to the 10NL tables and set myself a 3 buy in margin before dropping back down. Thankfully the poker gods were on my side and I've had 4 winning days in a row.

I'm looking foward to hitting the 3 month mark of my cash grind next week. I will post an updated graph and set some goals for the next 3 months.

Share your #screenshotscampok!
Go to Campok app and click on link my accounts.

#MPCqualif  GG Milo and thanks for the screenshot ! :)

Testing out Campok ahead of the Malta freeroll and some of the preformances after losing a pot of virtual money are oscar worthy.

Got Ace's cracked by K4o then QQ by 55 the next hand. Both preflop shoves. Losing $20 to the same guy..... it's fine I'll be able to win it back if he keep shoving preflop with Air..... I thought.

Well not if he proceeds to lose it all to the nit in the next five hands...... Yesterdays cash profits went up in smoke in a matter of minutes, such a sickening feeling.

I always think about this!

Didn't play much poker over the weekend. So to make up for it I had a long 4NL cash session today. Finished the day up $22.50.

I might take a shot at the 10NL tables tomorrow. Going to play the $200 and $300 6max tournaments on full tilt then bed.


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 didn't play much either..

wooow   boom and VGG   

well played milo 

No poker last night. Met up with friends and watched American Sniper. Hitting the cash tables, going to try and add a few more tables tonight.

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Mh yeah, what happened in the end :) ?

I played some mtt's and sit'n'go's on full tilt.

I went back on unibet later once the issues had been fixed and increased the number of tables to 8. Despite the issues I made $28. I had a number of hands where the opponent did small 1/4 pot bets up untill the river then shoved. The board either contained a busted flush or straight draw so I ended up calling some very large bluffs and winning the pot.

 GG !!!!!!!!

So, I decided to play the $1.10, $300 Guarantee on Full Tilt before bed. Won't take long will it? 6hrs 24mins later I've finished 2nd and have had no sleep...

6h wow ;). But you finished 2nd so it was definitely worth it right :) ?