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Action Hero Hand Finale

I'm sure all of the members who strategized in the #ActionHero mission are growing impatient for the answers, so - while waiting for the Mystery Hero to reveal himself and pass judgement on the entries - here's how the hand ended:

Mystery Hero responds to 3500 raise by a shove. 

Italian is fuming and eventually folds, slamming angrily his cards face up on the table to reveal A♠ 9♣ !


nice hand ! i had imagin a proper scenario on turn, i decides to check and not conitnue bettin to not arrivin to this close up ,nice hand but too much risky hand in order to manage a stack during a tourney,force him to fold by overbettig the pot was pretty easy but i decided to more conservative approach to the hand, it's not my style this kind of action on this blind level. Nice Mission, thank for this opportunity...GoGoGo!! happy xmas @all

great competition thanks for the oppurtunity of taking part in this fun challenge

crazy hand

Hello heros ! It was very interesting to read all your comments !
Most of you described the best way to play the hand given the information you had, well done !

I remember that this hand was quite fun to play :) I used some information gathered in previous hands to take my decisions.

One of the crucial information I had when I pushed on the river was that the opponent had called on the river with a full house (3rd nuts) in a previous hand when it was very unlikely his opponent had a better hand.
Here, KJ and J8 are the nuts and 2nd nuts, and if he does not raise 3rd nuts they are the only hands he might raise in value.
They are both very unlikely, and it was extremely likely that he was on a bluff.

That's what makes poker interesting and without this info it was impossible to raise all in on the river :(
Well done for all the interesting answers though !

The top 5 of this challenge is :

1. Ben 'Machine' : It was interesting to read the ranges you came up with Ben. Good rational thinking !
2. Adam good thinking too !
3. Alessio you were quite right also.
4. wiliam
5. vatopkr

Good luck at the tables all !

Thanks very much,hystory with the oppo is the key, i had broken the bonus quest too ( and many followed me), i see mr canali had cashout in sanremo ept think was him.. lol.. big up 4 ur career and gl u too :) ciaooo, NIce shot Ben !!

cooooool :D

congrats ben one of ace-high's more knowledgable members  and very talented players well played buddy an yeah 4th place for me congrats too adam alessio and vatopkr also . great competition

Congrats to Adam,Alessio,William and vatopkr. Interesting hand Guillaume, we obviously didn't have that previous hand info so.... :) Well played guys.

Congrats to  @Ben 'Machine' Smith (pack €120 lot), @Adam Piotrowski  (pack €120 lot)  @Alessio Bianchi ( €90 lot) @william (€90 lot) @vatopkr ( €80 lot) !!! :)

Can you please send me (asap :)) a private message with the following information:
-> your name;
-> your postal adress;
-> size (for the T-shirts);

Thanks ! :)

very thank you RKH !!! congrats to all  and  have a brilliant Xmas ... hope on the poker tables live :D ciao ciaooo


will do elena rkh thank you guys for this amazing prize

Well done all ! Have a merry Christmas! 
Thanks @Guillaume De La Gorce for getting our brains buzzing on this crazy hand!

wow thanks :D well played everybody :D