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Poker Goals & New Year's Resolutions, Anyone?..

Happy New Year, dear fellow Ranking Heroes!

May all of your poker goals and aspirations come true in 2016! And should they not,  remember the advice of the world's winningest poker player and Heroscore Number One, Daniel Negreanu, and enjoy the journey!


Daniel Negreanu's 2016 Annual Poker Goals Blog:

Poker players tend to be very analytic thinkers and have a difficult time with the idea of setting their intention on goals that aren't within their control. Obviously, I could play perfectly during the WSOP and still not accomplish the goal of winning 3 bracelets. Some people may argue that they see no value in setting goals that are out of your control. I disagree vehemently, but the most important aspect in order to do this correctly is learning to be completely detached from the end result. Detaching yourself from the idea that coming up short of your lofty goals is a failure.

So what should you be attached to? The journey! Did you do your absolute best to achieve your goals? What worked? What didn't work? What can you do differently next year to increase the chances that you achieve your goals? Acknowledge what you did well, and be honest with yourself about areas that you could improve upon. Then get committed to making the adjustments in areas that need improvement.


Personally, I've decided to keep things simple this year and only set realistic and easy goals. As a result, there's only one item on my list - learn to make a lemon tart :) I think I may be on to someting as I've already made a first attempt and though it failed miserably, it has actually made me feel really good about my 2016 prospects and my new, determined and responsible adult self :)

What about you? Have you set any poker goals for the new year? Please share with the community and we'll be happy to act as your conscience ;)

What's the one thing you won't be caught doing at the poker tables in 2016?

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Read at least one poker book;)

My goal poker 2016: Play a major live poker tournament outside my country 

my poker goal into 2016 is to partecipate to live events satellites low buyin and if i win ticket i sell it to a young pro which live close my home with a quote on a ITM. out of that maybe i quit the game.

my goal is to win a big title, like WPT or even EPT

A♥K♥Q♥J♥10♥ to have this..

To buy big screens for my home grinding.

I too don't put too much pressure on achieving the goal.. I just want to continue enjoying the game and have fun wit u guys

I'm hoping to get my RKH deck cards and patch to debut in a major tournament with them !!!

I'm aiming to eat a lemon tart.

What's the one thing you won't be caught doing at the poker tables in 2016?


I won't be caught eating

Aiming small Dan Bilzerian lolll

win a sunday million event

take down the sunday storm