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5th decision:

The blinds are still 500/1000.


In UTG+1, a player who likes to see a lot of flops opens with 2.2BB. He has 30,000 chips in his stack.

UTG+2, with a 90BB stack, calls.

You have now 34BB. In the BB position, you call with J♦8♦.




You check.

Villain UTG+1 bets 5,000 chips.

UTG+2 folds.

You call.



You both check.



You are first to speak.


What do you do?

I think this is a pure bet for value spot. I'm hoping villain does not have KJ but I'm not so worried about it since we hold a blocker to that hand. I think there are plenty of other hands in his range that we can get value from. Since villain liked to see alot of flops he could have some weird 2 pair type hands or a pot controlled Qx and KJ is a smaller part of his range when stacked up to them in my opinion.

I bet 8000 expecting to get called by alot worse. If we get shoved on it will be a very nuts line that we are facing and we can even consider folding as we still have just less than 20bb left. It will be sick to fold to a shove I admit but this is the bubble and we must be willing to fold when we know we are beat because cashing and not cashing is a massive difference.

#UnibetBubble and #Decision5 .

Just in time :P
Ready for the tournament tonight?

Haha rushed to the computer when I realised I had forgot to do it.

Unfortunately I can't play tonight. Silly work.