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The WSOP Guessing Game - Question 9

The rules are simple:

Every day of the Main Event, we ask a new question.

You have 24 hours to post your prediction on your RankingHero page with the right hashtags.

On July 16th, we will post the final leaderboard and reward the top 10 guessers and 10 randomly drawn participants with RankingHero goodies!

How you earn points in the WSOP Guessing Game:

10 points for a correct answer, with up to 50 points for guessing the EXACT answer to some of the questions!

1 bonus point per every 10 likes for your prediction!

1 bonus point for each friend you invite to RankingHero and who tags you in their forecast post.

one answer only per entrant per question


Question 9

Last year @Jose-Luis Velador  went out with pocket 44s and in 2011, another small pair (33s) was the last hand for @John Hewitt  in the Main Event. In 2013, @Carlos Mortensen finished 10th with A♣9♥and the year before, @Gaelle Baumann became the final table bubble girl with the same hand - A♦9♥. Not even AA have immunity on the bubble - it was the final hand for Jordan Smith in 2009. Make your prediction:

What will be the bust-out hand of the bubble boy or girl?

Post your guess on your RankingHero page with the hashtags #WSOPguess  and #guess9 



For each rank and suit  you guess right, you’ll get 10 points.


If you guess both cards exactly right, you’ll be awarded 50 points!