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New Homepage open beta

You may have seen some changes on the homepage, do not panic, this is normal.

Let's take a look under the hood

  • Publications are now organized by "Top articles" and show you first the trending discussions on your following and the rest of the community. Like that, you can check your following and also discover the other trending discussion around Poker.
  • Widgetized sidebar : 3 new fully customizable widgets : a calendar to browser events from your following (venues, circuits, festival, tournament) + a custom leaderboard to rank your friends, your favourite players or your arch-enemies and a last result widget to let you have a quick look to the last ITM of your personal watchlist.

You don't like these widgets ? You can remove them or move them and reorganize your sidebar as you pleased. 

Customize your widget

You love these widgets ? You can duplicate them and have as much leaderboard, calendar or watchlist as you want.

Same for you feeds : you want a simple timeline? To see only your following? Use the filter on the red bar to adjust your social feed at your convenience. 

The homepage is your page, it's now open in beta test and for sure we will still improve it in the next days. If you already have feedbacks, if you like it or hate it, come to share your thoughts on this discussion #FeelLikeHomepage 

Feel like homepage <= lol, I love the concept 

Looks nice, I will test it soon

#awesome ;) widgets are super cools, just like I imagined it would be !

FAT! Love it so far

is kewl

Nice, is it possible to export his custom leaderboard? (not yet maybe?)

Not yet, but it's planned!

interesting, but obv not finished fully im like kevin if can't share my custom board its not cool I would like to put it on my page and on fb maybe have a widget on fb smth like this is possible?

Sharing to your friend and to embed your leaderboard anywhere is on our todo list. To add it as a Facebook tabs is also our goal, even if we will need a bit more digging into Facebook rules and API for that ;-)

Exciting changes
I'm setting a ranking for me and my friends anothrer for my favorite players