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#ActionHero while CBetting is not exactly a mistake, I think than checking behind is a better option :)


- that board hits villains range quite strongly, so hi is unlikely to fold to a CBet

- any CBet from the BTN is gonna look quite weak anyway so he is again less likely to pass

- we have direct outs and backdoor outs so its better to give ourselves free card against unpredictable opponents

- if he is a "gambler" we dont wanna get check/raised and be forced to pass with ok equity

Action Hero Mission Part 1

Annie RKH on Rankinghero Annie RKH on Rankinghero Your #ActionHero mission: make the right decisions! We will reveal step by step a real hand from the 2008 EPT Sanremo. After each of our Mystery Hero’s moves, it will be up to you to choose the...