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SMS API messages for just $.0055, Best SMS Gateway | TheTexting.com,
since Jan 2018
TheTexting.com offers best SMS API services and SMS Gateway services for OTP text messages, notification texts, or even preferred for text marketing via own Text API based solution. We are a nest of around 5000+ business in the United States.



There are millions of small businesses in the US today. All these businesses have different marketing and operational strategies along with their segmented clientele. The main objective of a marketer is to approach these customers just when they are making a purchasing decision. So, if a restaurant sends our promotions just before lunch hour, a hair salon may schedule their messages according to upcoming holidays or trends and even how frequently a customer needs or uses their services. Bulk SMS USA is perfect when it comes to real-time or scheduled promotions as it is direct and reliable. Some messages are so well targeted and timed that it corresponds directly to their requirement at that specific time.

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