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Two more days to vote Lucille Cailly up on the big comedy stage!

As you know, we’re all about fun on RankingHero so when our fantastic ambassador @Lucille Cailly decides to transition to stand-up comedy we can only applaud, cheer her on (and laugh at her jokes) :)

Lucille needs our votes to qualify in the Jokenation competition that may take her to Montreux Comedy Festival and a world tour. Click on the link below to check out her video and vote for her!

So, as some of you might already know, I'm slowly transitioning from poker to stand up comedy. And I'm now offered the possibility to enter a competition that could lead to a world wide tour (I'm one of the 20 comedians they chose in the whole UK).

And there's nothing I want more than to keep telling the world why I'm a barely functionning adult why I think sex in the morning is just pure evil and how generally fucked up I have to be to decide that after years playing poker, the best option for my future is to tell jokes...

To get further in the process, I need to you to vote for me.

Please, please, please, like the video (on the link), share et blackmail people into doing it.




Lucille Caillyjokenation.com

Public voting ends on 9 October!




Giving up MTTs to become a comedian means Lucille must be more of a masochist than I thought! That's a tough world to move into, with terrible breakeven stretches and brutal downswings. The occasional wins are nice though. I once considered becoming a comedian, but I was worried that everyone would laugh at me. ;)

Good luck Lucille!