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It seems that the Turbo Fiddy is made for me: second try, second finish in the money, a little bit better than the first one.

Thx! Unfortunately, I failed yesterday in the Partypoker/BWIN The Cobra 100.000. I qualified via satellites, so the loss doesn't hurt so much...

Important is that you managed to qualify, right? Now, I am sure next time you will be in the money! 

Can somebody tell me, how the online poker score is functioning? Automatically or via a submission? Only specific one or all tournaments? Which are the criterias? Thank you in advance.

Thats an interesting question, indeed. So, we used to get the results automatically, but now we are having issues with that, so it is not automatic anymore. But, yes, still can do it manually..

There's still another issue, I'm wondering about. For my habitat challenge I have to follow 5 upcoming festivals in France - but as far as I can see there are no festivals available from today until 2026?!

I don't know where you checked that, but in fact if you follow THIS link you will see future festivals in France.

Oups... Thank you.

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