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#PokerNugget #tells  Tells must be divided into pre-flop and post flop tells.  However both have one thing in common.  That is a player should always wathc his opponent for a change in emotion, behavior and body postrure.  There is no static tell per se as every player is different during the course of playing.  Therefore, it is essential to always watch every player while they are involved in hands.  Many times the information that is gathered(tell) is not from the immediate hand but the baseline you get from prior hands. An example would be what I call gabby player becoming tight lipped player when playing a hand preflop out of postion.  Gabby player is still gabby when having a medium holding but becomes stoic and stiff when he has a monster.  I am folding this hand even when I have a monster. I was in the money in a big tourney and woke up with KK in early position.  I raised and was 3 bet.  Then the BB popped out a huge raise and went from gabby to being completely stoic. He ia well known pro and I knew he had one of 4 hands(AA,KK,K,QQ). I had two kings so the odds of AK and KK were quite small especially given his range.  After watching him for about a minute or so of becoming more statuesque I folded my kings. Another fold and he slammed his aces down bemoaning his bad luck that noone had a premium hand.  My comment was I folded Kings and eveyone of course said I was lying.  The card weron top of the muck and I invited the dealer to give them a look which of coursse should never tranpire.  She obliged and our villain pro's jaw dropped and of coursse you could hear the how could you lay that down.  Very simple, preflop tell.  Wish I had followed that reading ability in  3 WSOP events in 2012 when my KK ran into AA as I knew it, had the same read but was stubborn.

#mystery55 It is hard to guess what any player would do without additional information.  First, how deep were both of the other players with respect to the number of BBs? In answering this question I am assuming everyone involved in the hand is very deep as it is the first blind level.  I do not know Advoghado but I am going to guess that he flatted the 250 bet as there was no flush draw but a potential straight draw.

Personally i would have raised to 800 as there was a bet and a call bring the pot to 800.  I would have made this pot sized raise for two reasons.  It is early on in the tournament when people are still deep and a 1/2-3/4 pot raise most likely result in 2 calls which could lessen my equity depending on the turn card.  The main reason for the raise to 800 would be to try to isolate the bettor.  Granted if the bettor calls the other person in the hand could very easily call depending on the holding or if they are floating the flop.  Regardless, I would be trying to build the pot with this raise to maximize the amount of chips I could get with my flopped set.

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more info in part one of the hand.


Thanks by post @Randy Cohen